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Your School Mascot


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Our school system is a bit different also only time we have a mascot, is only like once a year at a big school athletic-contest event thing.

In the school I was when 6-13 years, it was/is? Dynamite, yeah it really was.

13-16 yrs., Wasp

16-19 yrs., same^ as it's a part of the same complex, shares buildings etc.

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I can still remember my elementary school song.


M-I-N-N-E-O-L-A, Minneola (mihn E ol AH) hooray!


And the kids who did the song were always so bored when they said hooray it just made me crack up in class when the morning news came on.


And I remember 9/11, and St. Patricks day where if you didnt where (9/11) Red, white and blue, you'd get punched, and Green (St. Pats) you get pinched, in fact they still do that now, and I hate it.

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^I hit a teacher when she pinched me with I was little.


"I'm not irish."


Didn't get in trouble though. I was a crazy, bad a$$ed kid on honor roll. Did you know you can start a fight, beat up a kid then act like they started it and they get suspended just because you were on honor roll? Teachers and the Principal always believed the nerdy kid on honor roll... he would never do anything like that! I used to wear those crocodile tears out! Take that, popular kids!


Anyway, our mascot was a comet, though I never really saw it. We just had it on our notebooks, shirts and jackets. There were a few idiots in high school I would have loved to set on fire and have them run around the gymnasium in school spirit.



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I remember I hated elementary school, because they would use humility to punish you, and when your a little kid it will make you cry. And I remember my cousin had this elementary school teacher who flipped his desk one day because he wanted a tissue, for his nose was running. And my sister had the same teacher, and back then he had a "naughty book" that was on the wall and everyone could see if someone was bad or not. So pretty much it was all based on humility back then. Oh one more thing I remember I had to go to pee REALLY bad in 2nd grade and my teacher wouldnt let me go, and most teachers know not to mess with a kids bladder, so I peed on the floor, pants down in the corner, aiming for a garbage can I had to pee so bad. But I missed and hit the floor. I was known as "pee boy" all that year. I hate elementary school, Im glad my old one got torn down and they built a new one, seperating ghetto kids, from the white kids. (they have 2 schools) and one is zoned for ghetto kids, and the other for a white kids neighborhood !

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