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New CP webcam up!

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TheRapidsNerd wrote:

All Clear wrote:

Blah, blah, blah "Aquatrax." blah, blah, betching, blah.




.... Just havin a wee bit o fun. ...



As was I. No harm intended, none done? I should have thrown in one of these . Cheers.


Yeah, we're good man. I took it in a humerous, Seinfeld kinda way. Besides, stuff can be over used sometimes.

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Dude, the pic of the guy taking a piss is friggin' hilarious...


So classy...


You have never gone to the bathroom outdoors? Those guys work long hours and dont have time to walk to the restroom everytime they have to take a piss. I guarentee has is only one of the thousands of workers at hundreds of parks that find an outdoor spot to pee.

With that being said, he didnt need to do it by the camera!!! And the picture is hilarious! I wonder if that guy ever knew there was a camera there.

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