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FL Trip: What parks and rides do you reccomend?

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I am going to Florida for a week July9-16. I have never been down and I am not that familiar with the park selection. I probably will only have 1 day to go to a park so I would to spend that day wisely. Should I go to IOA or Bush Gardens. Or should I get a hopper pass? I have know idea. Please inform me on the coasters. I am look for the best coaster and them park. Also which ones are really busy? Thanks, Dave

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If you are looking for the best coasters, then it is a real toss-up between IOA and Busch Gardens. Hulk and Dueling Dragons are both super excellent coasters, but I would probably opt for the combination of SheiKra, Kumba, Montu, and Scorpion.


I wouldn't even consider Disney with just one day. A one day hopper is damn near $100.

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If coasters is all you seek, then BGTB is your man.


If coasters and one of the best theme parks is what you seek, don't bother with the hour drive to Tampa. Hit Universal and hit it hard. Apart from the coasters, there really isn't much that's terribly exciting at Busch Gardens other than your standard issue amusement park rides (oooh, bumper cars, wow, one of them looping pirate ships!).


okay, the animals are nice as well...BUT -


Compare that to Spider-Man, Men in Black, Mummy, Jurassic Park...


Oh, wait. There's no comparison whatsoever.


As for if it's going to be crowded...well, yeah. A theme park in Florida in the Summer is going to bring folks in. Plan your day wisely, no matter where you end up going, and for the love of Elissa GET THERE EARLY.


I agree with the above poster re: Disney - there's too much to do, everything's too far away from everything else, and it'll be packed all day long.

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BGT has more coasters, and they are all good quality, with Sheikra being new that IOA doesn't have an answer for, but the rest of the coasters, IOA's got them matched IMO.


For an overall experience and awesome non-coaster thrills and attractions that is unlike any other park, go to IOA, you won't regret it.


I live closer to BGT, but I'd probably spend most of my time at IOA if I was able to get there more easily from Tampa (I-4 sucks major....)

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If you're going to be in Orlando just do IOA/Universal...you can get a one day park hopper for about $70. Really great coasters and really great rides.


BGT is about an hour away and without a discount will cost you about $55. There's Shakira, Kumba, and Montu that are really worth riding.


What kind of coasters and rides do you like? Do you have transportation? Do you like dark rides? Tell us more so we can help you make a good decision.


Elissa "ready to go back already" Alvey

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Compare them:




Dueling Dragons Fire

Dueling Dragons Ice


Revenge of the Mummy


Ripsaw Falls

JP River Adventure

Back to the Future

Docter Doom's Fearfall

MIB: Alien Attack


Busch Gardens Tampa has pretty much all coasters.


I would pick IOA/USF, but that's just my opinion.

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Not entirely sure that the lure of free beer is going to convert a 15 year old, Barry...


But all of a sudden I feel the need for some busch gardens lovin'.


Bah. An eight hour drive for 2 small free beers in the oppressive Florida sun may be a bit overkill.


Oh, and to add to the laundry list of questions - are you (the submitter, I mean) going by yourself? Universal has a lot of single rider lines that'll almost certainly make dealing with the crowds a tad bit easier. You can't pick your row when you utilize it, but other than that it's good stuff.

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I love both. I went to IOA and it was brilliant. They have a good variation of rides:


Space Shot

Roller Coasters

3 Water rides


But the bad thing is that it only has 2 major coasters (Dueling Dragons I know is 2 but i count it as 1)


But Busch Gardens has many coasters. I love it.

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