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Looks good, for some reason I thought it was gonna be red... not sure why though.


It'll probably be great for the park in the long run.


The advertisements showed it as a red track I believe...


Must visit this place again, I haven't seen it since 1998...

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Boomerangs may not be very popular with the coaster enthusiasts, but I think its a good additition for a small park. If you look at the close-up pictures of the train you will see that most of the passengers are smiling during the ride.


Interesting with the close distance between the ties in the vertical loop. Cant remember having seen that on any other boomerangs. Anyone know the reason....??

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Ok, I don't know why enthusiasts hate Boomerangs so much. The ones that I have been 5 Boomerangs (Sidewinder @ HP, Boomerang @ TGE, Boomerang @ DL, Zoomerang @ LC, and Flashback @ SFNE) and all of them, back seat are relatively smooth. Plus, you MUST realize that Boomerangs pull 5.2 G's! Tell me, where else can you find a coaster so easy to access because they are cloned so much, and have G's enough to rival Schwarzkopf's most intense designs? I think the Boomerang is a great roller coaster, and probably one of the most ingenious ones out there. Something that has a tiny footprint, is relatively cheap, and pulls insane G's that if were on a B&M, would be praised.

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I like riding Boomerang's as long as the track is not rough which makes your head go from side to side. The drop into the station is the best part, can last for ages before the chain / pulley lets you go.


I've been on the one which used to be at Walibi World, still at Walibi Belgium and a few more parks around England.

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Nice find, have to say Wipeout looks pretty impressive in its new surroundings and the colours really suit it, much better than it looked before.


I know it took Pleasurewood a long time opening it but they have done a great job now.

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  • 7 months later...
I am curious is Wipeout its only name or is it like the other two coasters that each have multiple names.


Wipeout is it's only name. The park was recently taken over by Grévin & Cie (the same people who own Parc Astérix) and so they renamed pretty much all of the rides. The only reason some rides appear to have two names is because they havent removed the old names for some unknown reason. The correct name for each ride can be found on the sign which has the height information etc. on it.


I hope that helps

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