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I'm guessing 3-4. Once it gets up in the 5's and 6's i would assume it gets dangerous for everyday guests, so that's why I'd say 4.


And if I remember correctly, although I haven't ridden Kingda, but have ridden TTD, the highest G's aren't necessarily from the launch, but after the launch, when you ride the curve upward to vertical.



Found this link. Apparently the launch is only 2 G's seeing as how your only going in a straight line for the launch. The change in direction (horizontal to vertical) causes a higher number of G's as explained closer to the bottom of that page.

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Well, the launch isn't a constant acceleration, but to get a general idea, you can take the launch speed of 0-187.7ft./sec and divide that by the launch time of 3.5 seconds to get an average acceleration of about 53.6 ft./sec/sec which when divided by gravity, about 32.2 ft./sec, gives you an acceleration of 1.66 g's.


For comparison, Dodonpa, the fastest accelerating coaster on earth, averages about 2.7 g's, whereas TTD averages 1.37 g's.

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Yeah, thats about right. It actually does hit more that 2gs on launch because of the way it launches in bursts (rather than one single motor push like TTD), so its not a constant acceleration. 2g doesnt sound much, but you really do feel it because the human body isnt used to that strong a g-force in that direction.


Remember that the human body can take different amounts of g depending on its direction (and if the person is wearing a g-suit and is trained). For instance, a force of just over 2g pushing you upwards can be dangerous if your not trained. Whereas an forward acceleration can be way up at 20g and be survivable. The most common direction, straight down pushing you into your seat, is about 6g for untrained people before they pass out. With a G-suit, this can go up to about 7 or 8. Some of the aerobatic and air race pilots can regularly pull over 12g in short bursts, as they are fit and trained to take it.

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Unfortunately for me since I've been on this ride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvT1O01_he8 21 times now I don't register any G's under 4 G's now.

Even though it doesn't look like it's that fast it can accelerate upto about 100km/h and can generate upto about 4 G'S I don't really feel the G's on any ride except for this one.

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