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^You never hear the Super Bowl losers saying "well, at least we were conference champions!" so I would say it is sound logic.


One other thing I will add is the eras they played in. QB's and receivers are babied now compared to when Joe Montana played.


I know, but it's still an accomplishment nonetheless(you get a shiny trophy for it after all). How is winning your conference not an accomplishment? Or at least, more successful than losing in the first round of the playoffs, or not even making the playoffs for this matter. It basically means you were the 2nd most accomplished team that year.


The different eras is a fair point, which is why Joe Montana's raw stats wouldn't be as good as Brady's, but I would say winning games and Super Bowls is something that mostly swings both ways no matter what era were talking about. Especially considering that while Brady played with some great defenses early in his career Joe Montana not only had comparable defenses for the years he won his Super Bowls, but on average had better defenses over his entire career, in terms of points allowed.


Average defensive ranking of 49ers (1981-1990) ~ 3.111rd (excluding 1982 as an outlier and only 9 games that season)

Average defensive ranking of Pats (2001-2014) ~ 7.929th


Defensive rankings of Patriots when Brady won 4 SBs : 1st, 2nd, 6th, 8th

Defensive rankings of 49ers when Montana won 4 SBs : 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th




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^It's an accomplishment sure, but at the end of the day all that matters is the Super Bowl. For example, Jim Kelly is going to be remembered as losing 4 straight Super Bowls, not dominating his conference for 4 straight years. On the flip side, Joe Montana is 4-0 and had a 11/0 TD to interception ratio in his Super Bowl appearances. He played lights out on the biggest stage. That to me is why I will consider him the greatest.


As far as statistics are concerned...my point was more about the rules themselves. They heavily favor the offense. Back then QB's and receivers genuinely had to fear being obliterated when they got sacked or caught a pass over the middle. Not so much anymore.


Ultimately, I think it's most fair to say Joe Montana is the greatest of his era and Tom Brady is the greatest of his. We could go back and forth forever, but that's the one thing no one can really dispute.

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If all that matters is the Super Bowl, then that makes the Seahawks' 2014 season as successful as the Buccaneers' 2014 season... oh nevermind...


But yes I would agree that it's indisputable that they're both the best of their eras, but the argument of better overall could go back and forth forever. Another thing to note is that it's a lot harder to sustain success in the salary cap era than it was back then.


But about those interceptions, I would just like to point out Brady's first 3 Super Bowl interceptions happened way down field and were practically punts, with the third one sacrificing at least a field goal, and the 4th resulting in an ensuing touchdown by the Seahawks. Only one of them was really that costly, but he ended up making for it and that's all that matters...

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^At the end of the day, that statement is true. NFL teams set out to win the Super Bowl. Anything less might produce some extra bragging rights, revenue for the team, and an extra paycheck for the players...but the end result was still the same as the Bucs: not holding the Lombardi trophy.

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"Jerry Rice admits using stickum after criticizing deflate-gate"




Oh Jerry, you're such a hypocrite... Does this mean YOUR 3 Super Bowls and 2 of Montana's Super Bowls should have asterisks on them?


Especially considering there's really no evidence so far to prove the Patriots did anything with those footballs, and it's turning out to be about nothing now that new reports are saying only one of the 12 balls were seriously underinflated. Ten others were just a "tick" under: http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2015/2/1/7959649/deflategate-psi-legal-limit-new-england-patriots-bill-belicheck-tom-brady-ball-boy

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With how close Tom Kraft and Roger Goddell are, it's not the least bit surprising to see Deflategate quietly swept under the rug.

The "independent" investigator is the same one that "cleared" the NFL of knowing about how severe his actions were.


I don't really think it's a big deal at the end of the day, but I think it's hilarious how blatant the NFL is in trying to sweep it under the rug.

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^ It was certainly interesting to see the Eagles trade McCoy for Alonso.


Still not sure what to make of that trade when the Bills already had three competent backs in Spiller, Jackson and Brown...especially when they need to upgrade their guards in order to even open running lanes for the RB and to protect the QB - which is another major need, by the way. Not sure if EJ or Cassel is going to lead them to the playoffs although if we get them better protection up front, we should score some points. And our defense is certainly capable of keeping games close.


Definitely a head-scratcher of a trade, but we'll see how it pans out for both teams.

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I'm all in for Matt Cassel to win the job and lead the Bills to the Super Bowl.


Disclosure: he went to my high school.


Ahhhh...that's cool! I would definitely like to see him lead the Bills to the Super Bowl!


As much as I would like to see Manual succeed in getting the starting job back, I am not sure if he has the proper mechanics for a pro level starting QB. I have a strong feeling that the starting job will be Cassel's to lose going into the regular season.


I sure hope that they can get the Clay deal worked out soon as that would add a pretty impressive arsenal of weapons for whichever QB to target. Harvin, Watkins, Woods, Hogan and Clay along with McCoy out of the backfield might finally get this offense on track as long - as long as the o-line can take some strides in the run blocking department.

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I'm both excited and anxious for this season to start. I'm a Jets Fan, so it's guaranteed to be a rough year, but I'm optimistic for now. Let's see what Fitzpatrick can do with this offense, and if the Dream Team (Revis & Cromartie) is truly back together on the defensive side of the ball.


Here's to the 2015 NFL Season!

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Finally the NFL season begins tonight.....to quote the great Daniel Bryan......YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!! YES!!!!


I am a Buffalo Bills fan but I will cheer for anyone who is facing the Patriots so tonight I will be backing the Black and Gold of the Pittsburgh Steelers.



Well, it didn't work out very well for the Steelers on Thursday, but how about them Bills and the fans going absolutely nuts yesterday??


Although I am still far away from the "Bills are going to the playoffs" bandwagon, I admit that the Bills looked very good against a good opponent yesterday - which is a huge change from years past.


I like Rex's passion that he brings to this team...sure hoping that he can continue to coach good games against the Patriots like he did for the most part while with the Jets.


Go Bills!

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Time to bump this thread...


So what teams do you think will make it to the big dance this year now that the season is over...and why? Lightning Rod made a bold prediction for the Vikings to make the playoffs and not only did they make it, they made it with a much better record!


Personally, I would like to see the Bengals and Cardinals in the Super Bowl as I think that it would be cool to see Carson Palmer square off against his old team. But with Dalton possibly out for their game against the Steelers, it looks to me like it could be another one and done for them.


That would be my first choice and my second would be any team that is not the Steelers, Packers, Patriots or Seahawks. They have been there too many times and I just think that it would make for a boring game if you aren't a fan of any of these teams.


My dream is for the Cardinals to win it all as they have been my #2 team (behind the Bills) since 1984...and there was a LOT of ugly football during most of those years. And I would love to see Larry Fitzgerald get a ring...he certainly deserves one!

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I feel like it is probably going to end up being Pittsburgh vs Seattle. The AFC is just so bad right now- the Broncos' don't have a reliable QB, the Pats have a horrible offensive line, Dalton is out for the Bengals, and Houston just made the playoffs because they are in a weak division. I honestly feel like KC and Pittsburgh are the two most likely AFC teams to win it all. In the NFC, the Redskins and Packers are both solid but neither will be able to win it all. The Vikings are pretty good but they are probably going to be beat by Seattle. The Cards and Panthers are pretty great too. So if I had to pick between Seattle, Arizona, and Carolina, I would go with Seattle, as they lost a close game against Carolina at the start of the year when they were not doing so great and they DESTROYED Arizona.


Finally, I predict that Seattle beats Pittsburgh by a score of 31-19

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