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We're expecting our second child!


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Well, I guess I can't keep this quiet anymore. Jen and I are expecting our second child. I've been a little gun-shy about sharing this news ever since our experience with our daughter Ceilidh. Most of you know that she died this past December from a genetic disorder, but this time we're being cautiously optimistic. I figured it was time to share the news.


So far we don't know much, except that the projected due date is April Fool's Day 2008 (if I can't have a Hallowe'en baby, April 1st is the next best thing). The original due date was my mom's birthday. Wouldn't that have been cool?


We decided that giving Ceilidh a sibling was the best way to honor her memory, and so now we're counting down the days. Right now the only thingthat could make me happier about this is if we get another daughter. I certainly won't ask for a refund if I get a son, but I've always wanted a daughter, and now I want a second one.


Given what we went through with Ceilidh's passing, I'm hoping I can call upon the TPR gang, my second family, for prayers and well-wishes for a healthy baby. Whether we have a son, daughter, or multiples, that's all I want is a healthy one. My offer for cigars all around still stands!


Pete "I got myself into it AGAIN!!!" FourWinds

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Congratulations and I wish and pray that everything will go fine till April 1st.

If it's a boy and after reading your Halloween and April 1st comment, I instantly thought about the name Chucky


But yes, daughters are the coolest. Although my wife and I didn't care if it would be a daughter or a son, we're really glad that we have 2 daughters.


Again, congrats and good luck.

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Hey, I wanted to share an encouraging little story with you. I know a couple that got pregnant a second time and ended up having a little boy. When he was born they discovered he had a rare genetic disorder: he had no kidneys. He died 8 hours after he was born. It's been three years since that happened and they are now proud parents af another little boy and a newborn baby girl. Let me tell you, that kid more than makes up for the fact that he's the middle child AND the only boy. I guess what I'm trying to say is, there is hope after that kind of devistating loss. I wish you and your wife the best.

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Congratulations to you and your wife!


I can understand the nervousness and caution. My first pregnancy was with twins. I had no problems until I woke up bleeding during my 23rd week. Matt and Hannah were born 24 hours later and both passed on within an hour. THis was in March of 1999. December 2nd of 99, I gave birth to another preemie, this time a 31 weeker. He fought the odds and came home within 17 days instead of the projected 2 months. He is now a happy, healthy and precocious 2nd grader. He has a younger brother in the first grade. So, sometimes the powers that be take away the people that are most important to us for reasons we cannot understand, but they always give back to us.


If you would like to see a picture or two of my two angels and read their story and the story of their brother, try www.members.tripod.com/aveyboos/index.htm I haven't accessed it in a while, but last time I checked it was still there.


Hugs and best wishes,


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