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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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Shout out to Mark who's on the trip! Dude, I seriously barely recognize you in these pictures! It proves that it's just been far too long since we've hung out at a park. I'm seriously still working on that coaster care package you, it'll be on it's way shortly though.


Looks like you're all having a blast over there in Japan, I wish I could've been there too!

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Today's park - Mitsui Greenland


Hmm...Its still a fish!


Chris says "Its a fish!"


Our response was "Yes, of course, can we have more of that bacon wrapped cheese on a stick, please?"


Back to the Yakitori bar where we nearly doubled the number of skewers. The cook came out and asked "You really are fat Americans aren't you?"


Here comes another train to take us to our next destination....


Photo by Bob Hoffman


It was time to head out....back to the taxis and the race to the train station. The losing team had to sleep with Barry.


Photo by Bob "Yeah, that's right, I'm the Hoffman Girls dad" Hoffman


All of the vegitables in Mitsui Greenland and fed a constant supply of crack and whores to keep them this happy.


This angry mushroom man was our Guide To The Toilet. Yeah, we were just as confused.


This ride actually does kick ass. Some GREAT airtime on the standup side, and the sitdown side is fun too.


"Milky Way" (Yes, that is the new name of this coaster) lets you choose. Balls get crushed or shoulders bleeding.


The ride kind of beats you up, but it has a kick ass lifthill into the GIANT ferris wheel!


The Dippin Dots Dinosaur coaster.


Originally we thought we were supposed to shake the candle at the evil body bags, but turns out you were supposed to hold the candle straight. We all lost the game!


We were are hanging out with some random body parts.


It was dark, warm and moist, just like a night of great sex!


It's a brand new powered coaster from Zamperla! (thanks Bruno!)


Rich paid 5,000yen for the "Lou feeds me McNuggets" option.


Today's group lunch was the "McDonalds takeover!!!" But don't worry, it was a cultural experience as we had Teriyaki burgers!


If you ride it 10 times in a row, they give you a little stick to hang on the "wall of fame!"


Don't worry Joey, the ride actually does kick ass!


Joey's all "I'm not so sure the vertical lift was such a great idea!"


It's an Ultra Twister, probably one of Togo's most awesome creations...


Joey Mandel starring in "The Alabama Redneck Jew!"


Rich couldn't hit a damn thing! So much for all that poilce training!


You gave Chuck a weapon?!?! Do you not know this guy was actually the Baltimore sniper???


Two frozen Cokes. One for me...one for Jahan...oh wait...he's not here...nevermind! =)


We finally got our whale coaster credit that we missed out on last time.


We finally arrive at the park and today will be filled with roller coasters and bizarre random stuff that makes rides on the moon look like twinkies.


Things are not looking so hot for "Team Lady Gay"


Team "High Class British Porn Star" is in the lead! I hope for the last place team this ends up being a non-elimination round!


In complete "Amazing Race" style, we all piled into taxis when we got to the train station and raced to the park!

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I've actually had the Terriyaki Burger from McDonalds (the one outside the Shinagawa Station). I preffer the Kuri (Curry) Chicken from Wendy's.


Anyway, great update. And I can't wait to see more! Ride Journey to the Center of the Earth for me


-Dainan "I miss Japan " Rafferty

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Why where there "Dancing/Chasing/Stalking Vegatables"?

Why was there a "Angry Mushroom"?

Why would anyone want to eat a "Fish on a Stick"?

There seem to be so many unanswered questions.




As always thanks for the great updates.

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Aww....poor chris ending up with the psycho fish skewers> I wouldave swipped some from Dan... his looked AMAAZING. Mitsui Greenland looks like an awesome park. I wish I couldave done the Japan trip, But I went to the midwest instead, which is still fresh in my mind (oh, the raftride )


Good to know everythings going great; and It looked like that typhoon passed already (or hadnt hit yet) because the Sky above Mitsui Greenland looked crystal clear!



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Why would anyone want to eat a "Fish on a Stick"?


It has been my experience that anything "on a stick" is good.


Now I am really upset. If Robb had put on the flyer, "You will get to eat bacon wrapped cheese on a stick", I would have sold plasma to go on the trip. AND all the parks and coasters?? All for once low price, and open heart surgery? What a bargain.


Now I know. Hopefully I can sell enough plasma before the next trip to Japan.

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A couple of photoshop-required pics in this update.


The pic of Lou and Rich is hot, but 5000 yen? But may i remind everyone that I got my Lou feed me credit for free, and i got it baby bird style.


Who won the race? Who got Philiminated?

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And now for something completely different...


Tokyo Disney Sea.


Best - Disney park - Ever.


(IMhO - even with Raging Spirits closed for maintenance, darnit.)



And I haven't even been to Hong Kong Disney yet, lol!


(Edit: ^ That was My First Rollback, too. Brings a tear, heh heh.)

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