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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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Believe it or not, I actually picked up a passport application at the post office today for both myself and Diana. Maybe Japan will work into our plans next summer after she graduates...



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Wonderful work Robb, looks like you are having so much fun, thanks for the update even if it makes me insanely jealous of you lucky ones over there.


It's a shame you haven't got Party Boy from jackass with you to do impromptu strips in Japanese stores, maybe someone on tour can take up Party Boys mantle.


If I wind up heading to Europe might have to go via Japan.

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Today we did 3 parks in the Beppu area of Japan - Sanrio Harmonyland, Wonder Rakutenchi, and Kijima.


The happiest moment of Jeff's life...too bad he was asleep!


More photos coming soon!


Our bus had "bling" or in Japan "gling!"




They always say that men spend the rest of their life trying to get back in....


Zorbs are Jew and Diabetic approved!


They basically put you into this giant inflated bubble and roll you down a hill!!!!


Zorbs are these crazy human hamster balls that started out in New Zealand.


The park had ZORBS!!!


Yes we are sad and pathetic....


"Hey Jahan, does this count as my frozen Coke credit for the day?"


Hey! We found X's blown lift motor!




The Gold Rush coaster, that's the one that kicked our asses! =)


It really was fun!


Why does everyone look so worried?!?!


Next up was the Loop-Screw.


Old people like Jupiter!


It's a pretty damn big woodie!


The park closed off the ride for our ERT/filming session.


Next up was Kijima, home of Jupiter!


Photo by Chuck "cfc"


We all wanted to....but he's still alive!


Photo by Joey "The Jew" Mandel


Jahan's friends were here!


The park had a really kick ass view.


Photo by Joey "The Jew" Mandel


Elissa played the vertical wacky wire game!


Some of us even got a "culture credit!"


Oh, yeah....they had a roller coaster here....


Bob bet on number 69!


...yeah....duck races!


We are betting money on the duck races....


This may be the best part of the park!


We rode the incline railway to get up to the park.


Next up was Wonder Rakutenchi. A bizarre little park up on the hill.


Hello Kitty is here too....


Furry penguins getting spanked. That's hot!


Falafel almost looks like she could be a character in the Sanrio boat ride!


Jeff will count it.


Gus! Look happier! This is almost a credit!


We rode a coaster. Cha-ching. Next


Hello Kitty is all "Oh, dear god, what the hell did I do to deserve this?!?!!"


That's a busload of constipation!


"I know I've had worse jobs.....but I can't think of one offhand."


If there is one thing more important to a coaster enthusiast than getting to parks, it's eating fat filled donut goodness in the morning.


Once again our day started at Mister Donut.

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Man i'm really lovin' this TR! I remember some of these parks from the last Japan TR. Forgot how weird but funky they are! Jupiter looks like an awesome woodie. I really have to go over there sometime! Use are so lucky!!! Glad you guys are having an awesome time.

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Okay, my pathetic worklife is shown by living for lunch to check out the latest trip reports. Thanks so much for the updates. I live vicariously through the antics of the Theme Park Review roadies.


sounds just like me!

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Okay, my pathetic worklife is shown by living for lunch to check out the latest trip reports. Thanks so much for the updates. I live vicariously through the antics of the Theme Park Review roadies.


ditto..real work sucks! I also enjoy reading these TRs as well.

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Oh man, we don't get anything cool in the US.


Japan gets Zorbs!


Thanks for the update.


I thought either Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg was going to get zorbs... anyone remember?


Anyway, awesome TR. If I had a job with time off, I'd love to go on one of these... Maybe Someday...


-James Dillaman

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^ Pigeon Forge, I believe.


Zorbs look sweet. Japan looks sweet. I'm jealous of you all, let me tell you. After the MW trip, an international trip with you all would be WILD! Thanks for the on-the-fly TR's; I know you were busy on the MW trip to put them up, but I couldn't imagine the stress of being international!


Good luck on the rest of the trip everyone!



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Wow, y'all look like ur havin a blast... I creamed myself when I saw those donuts and what on earth happened to Kristens face???


I bet those Zorbs were awesome, I've always wanted to try that; 'cept it should be like MXC where they put you in a 3ft. radius ball and you and you like bounce over stuff


good to know you guys are enjoying your time; cant wait to see those Typhoon photos!

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Do you have New POV videos for all of the Roller Coasters that you have been on during this Japan Trip?


I would love to see a TPR filmed Un-Cut, Full, Station to Station POV video for Jupiter the wood coaster. Also one for Loop Screw, Splash Bandit, Standing and Loop, and White Canyon. Also newer ones for Galaxy Express 999, and Thunder Dolphin.



Thanks for your time and help.

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