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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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I'm not sure which I'm more excited about in this update--seeing that Mister Donut is still around (they all closed up in my area quite some time ago) or learning that Fanta Melon is available not only in liquid form, but as a frosty frozen treat!


Oh, and the park looks pretty nice, too....


Love those old restaurant logos, by the way. Did anyone else notice that the Denny's sign in the first Japan mini-update was the original "wacky lettering" design instead of the too-shiny-and-polished current corporate America version?


Jason "Suddenly Craving Moons Over My Hammy" Rhodes

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Now, the mother hen in me is concerned, though...what happened to Kristin's nose? Did she get stung by the Giant Bee mascot or something?


I was thinking the same thing, Shari! I guess we're the TPR moms!


On a similar note - Great job, Elissa, on losing the baby weight! Looking good! You're an inspiration - I still have 9 weeks or so to go before I deliver, but I'm soooooo looking forward to working my way back to normal clothes. *sigh*


Thoroughly enjoying these updates - you all are really selling me on going to Japan, someday.

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A few notes...


- Hey Wrebbit...we rode Steel Dragon today!!!! Most people liked it, I thought it was 'meh'. Basically a giant Steel Force.


- TPR Moms...Robb threw KT down a hill...not quite that bad, but close. She's doing much better now though.


- Giant Hamster Balls were cool. I think they looked cooler than they were to ride, but they were a lot of fun for a cheap upcharge.


- Spaceworld got new coats of pain on everything, removed their space shot, and looked nicer I'm guessing since it's summer and not winter.


- Love the AR&R stuff...I finally made it in a picture, and they seemed to get Bob a lot too!


- Anyone who wants to meet up when we're back in Tokyo go for it! Probably the best days would be Thursday at Disneyland or Friday at Disneysea. We'll be there for opening on both days.


Robb should get to post another update tonight!

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SD 2000 was fun. It wasn't amazing or anything, but it was a fun ride. That pretty much sums up Nagashima Spaland. Lots of "OK" coasters that are fun, but nothing that makes you want to ride again, or say "I can't wait to visit this park again". Honestly, the best ride in the park was the Bob Karts.



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A few here and theres from me, on the tour...


It's been hot and humid, most of the time, but we're all coping with it okay. We certainly got to appreciate bottled waters and assorted other beverages, ice cream and soft-serve, and any place that had air conditioning, even in shops and places we weren't planning to buy anything in, lol.


Splash Bandit at Yomuiriland was AWESOME! And that set me up for several future great flume rides, and big-drop chutes. Yes!


Dark rides in alot of the smaller parks have been cheesy, indescribable, annoyingly cute, or just plain WTF. Take your pick or make up a combo, it all works, lol.


~ ~ ~


Robb, Elissa and Dan have been busting their collective butts to make sure we`ve been getting the best out of the tour, no matter what happens (i.e The Typhoon) that may change or alter our touring plans/schedule.


Thanks guys - truly amazing and incredibly wonderful of you to take this on. Not to mention the awesome enormity of herding us all around and through the countryside and citysides of Japan.




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Space World looks awesome! I definitely enjoyed the pics from this park the most!


*Cant wait to see the Human Hamster Ball pics!*



the human....what???


Is that like those zorb thingys they have in New Zealand?




They have Zorb at Kajima--and it`s pretty trippy.

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After Space World, we headed over to Uminonakamichi Seaside Park for a couple of hours.....


This was NOT a good idea!!! We'll continue this update from the hospital....


Looks like Lou got more than she bargined for on the roller slides! ;)


These karts slammed you over hills, through puddles, over rocks, it was CRAZY!


Next up was the most INSANE part of the day - The "Unpaved" Go Karts! This was seriously one of those "never in America" moments!


We were hoping this ride would be the "Bouncy Bouncy" of the Japan trip. It wasn't.


Finally he was left with only the tires he was on. As far as we know, he is still stranded there. Poor Ryan.


And then Joey starts to pull the tires away! "I'm just getting my revenge for all the crap I took for being a wuss on the Monkey Bars!"


And once he's all the way in we start walking on top of him!


Now it is time to tortue Ryan. First he gets into the tires. (Quaker, does this look familiar?)


...but the lucky bastard actually made the jump! Dammit!!! There will be other chances for Tom to kill himself.


We really REALLY wanted to see him eat shit!


Tom was showing off hs skills by making a jump across the lake.


He did some other lame ass thing to try to make up for his Farup Sommerland failure.


The monkey bars were closed. BEST MOMENT OF THE TRIP for Joey!!!


It's all about the obstacle course!


The coaster was fun, but this park is NOT about the rides....


There's the park. Neat, huh?


This time around we had a group of us and still no one was eaten by wolves.


We finally made it to our stop. Middle of nowhere, and yes there is a park with a roller coaster here.


The train dorks were jizzing pint loads watching the tracks go by.


Our next stop of the day was Uminonakamichi - the train said so.


When in Fukuoka, we highly reccomend this place! It's just outside of Hakata JR station.


Our meat stick collection grew to about 90 skewers!


"Ohh, Dan, feed me meat....give me diabetes!"


We started out with about 30 meat skewers.


That night is was time for the "Yakatori Bar!"


Is it just me or does this look like a shot from some cheezy porn where some wicked threesome is about to happen?

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Ive been to that park. There is an aquarium right near the station, and after going, I saw the coaster and had to just check the park out. It was seriously ghetto, but the park was nice. Unfortunately, four days before I went, they had had an accident at Mitsui Greenland that closed all the roller coaster in thee country for about a week for "inspections", so I wasn't able to even hop on the coaster. Regardless, it was kind of spooky walking through a park like that and not seeing any other people at all around, it was more deserted than even the other empty parks of Japan.

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