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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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^^ I agree with Dave on Circus Musical!!!


Presently, all parks we visited were empty except for Universal Studios Japan. What made the crowds at USJ great was the atmosphere -- and the fun we were having with the Japanese. Another plus of USJ, stuff works. Anyway, I better get back to exploring Nagoya ... I`m in an Internet Comic Cafe in Sakae sitting on my bottom with weird vending machines around the corner. Anyone up for some cosplay pictures?



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I definitely think if I can ever go anywhere oversees, Japan will be my first choice. It just looks so interesting and bizarre all at once.


Now, the mother hen in me is concerned, though...what happened to Kristin's nose? Did she get stung by the Giant Bee mascot or something?


Continued great travels...love the updates!



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Looking good so far. =P

I agree with the Steel Dragon comment.. you dont want to miss that one out!




Although i think this one is significantly better..




And dont forget to get along to a lurve hotel; they have 80inch tvs with appropriately themed movies!



Hope y'all enjoy the rest of your trip.


KEEP UP THE STREET DRINKING! 150yen for a can of Asahi cant go wrong

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Fanta Melon is nice to to try once or twice but it is nothing you will drink everyday.

I live in Israel and surprisingly we have it here and it's pretty much like crap. However we have Fanta Grapefruit which is really great.


I disagree, man, that's jsut your opinion. I used to dirnk Fanta Melon whenever I could and I'm not ta tbig a fan of grapefruit, but fi you read what I'm saying you'd notice that the fanta melon Robb's holding is green, the one over here is another color.

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Other than the Intamin rocket, have there been any other major changes to Space World since the last Japan trip? The park looks a lot nicer, cleaner, and more colorful than when you went last year. Me and my 7 yr. old are both sitting here saying, "I want to go to Japan!".


Zaturn looks pretty sweet! Did Venus get new paint?

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OMG, they painted Titan yellow! I had a season pass there in 2005. Last time I went, though, they wouldn't let me on Zupiter, told me I was too tall, wouldnt even let me try. It made me want to cry. Anyway, any chance of meeting you guys at a park in Tokyo when you jump the Shinkansen back? I used to be the lurker at a bunch of events, went to a few solaces as well as the Tatsu opening a while back, would be cool to hang out with Gaijin for a change

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