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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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Oh man, this makes me miss Japan SO bad!!!!


Thanks for taking the time to keep all of us homebound peeps up to date with your great adventures. Looking forward to follow the rest of your trip...


It makes me miss it too... AND I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN YET!!!



Aaaawwww... I wish I could've come...



Ice *not for another 2 years* Dragon

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why does somone delete my comment i am very upset and angry that someone would do that i would never do that to anyone else ijust want to make friends and see the world of theme parks because i cannot ridae anything because of my back surgery two years ago i wish i went to japan and i was wondering if there was any pov videos of bandit or other coasers in japan

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Nice updates. BTW, the billboard that has a bending girl in silhouette is an advertisement for a yoga class.


Speaking of smoothness of White Canyon, I think that's because the Japanese government recently called for safety measure in all amusement parks in Japan and required all the parks to have all their rides (especially roller coasters) inspected and submit reports on the conditions of the rides The government did that because, you know already, one person died in May from Fuujin Raizin's derailment at Expoland in Osaka. Most parks must have replaced all old and worn parts in roller coasters. I remember reading that Momonga was closed for a quite a long time because it was the same type of the Togo coaster as Fuujin Raizin. But now I see from the report that it's open, so I suppose most rides are now in good conditions. You guys are there at the right time!

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^^ Not only does it make cool sound effects, but when you combine it with other keys, other cool stuff happens. There are other neat keys on the keyboard too, such as ".", ",", "?", and "!". It can also help prevent others from deleting your posts as they can read them more easily


As for getting a Bandit POV, you might want to check out http://www.themeparkreview.com/videos/volume5.htm

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Next update! Space World!


Back on the trains we were on our way to Uminonakamichi Seaside Park...but we'll save that for another update!


We all had a really good day at Space World. Everyone else? They were all making love on the Ferris Wheel...it's just what you do in Japan!


Today's "Frozen Coke for Jahan" was "green flavor" also known as Fanta Melon....yeah....Melon.


Robb stole the inflatable pink angel wings and the park's wacky bee mascot had wing envy.


She also won "inflatble angel wings!!!" Japan is so awesome!


Elissa won a big banana! Yeah.


KidTums is also having a good time at Space World.


I'm not exactly sure what THAT is, but our bodies are about to be subjected to it! Wish us luck!!!


Titan's first drop or coaster porn for Jahan.


Yay! for the coaster that looks like Magnum, but it's ANYTHING like it at all!


For all you Cedar Point fanboys, this might look familiar.


The view of the park from Zaturn.


The ride looks like Stealth at Thorpe Park, but for some reason it was MUCH better. The launch seemed faster and there was more airtime over both hills. Weird.


Next up was ERT on Zaturn, the new Intamin rocket coaster (well, new for last year that is....)


Do the "Venus Enjoyment Pose!"


Venus is a pretty kick ass ride. It *looks* very "Schwarzkopf" but it was actually made by Maurer Söhne .


This is what ERT should be like!


Everyone is singing Bananarama.


Our day at Space World started out with a filming/ERT session on Venus.


TPR Group Photo!!!


I think this may be our stop.


Rich made some friends on the train. At least until he showed them his police badge, then they all got up and left!


Mmmm.....Mister Donut!!!


Dan found the "excellent room." He went inside and said it was excellent. Bet you didn't see that one coming!


We made base camp in Fukuoka for a few days and each of our mornings started out with Mister Donut (as Mister Donut demonstrates)

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SFoT Titan > Space World Titan...by ALOT


I know what that element is though...it looks like the same backbreaker butterfly thingy on Anaconda:




see? look lower left... http://rcdb.com/ig92.htm?picture=2


I like that they repainted all the rides @ Space World...it made Venus look alot more yummy. Good to know y'all are havin fun!



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Another nice update. The park looks nice and I am sure you had a blast. But I need to ask the same, where are the crowds? Looks like the park was nearly empty.



Soren, you're forgetting about the cloaking devices.


Another great update, there's just something about Robb in pink angel wings that makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.

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Just want to stop in here and say that today we rode the most screwed up dark ride in the history of the universe at Parque Espania. There is video, but even that will not be able to truly display the awesomeness of Circus Musical.


This trip has kicked much ass so far, and there is a lot still to go.



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