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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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More photos from Tokyo Disneyland....


We found stuffed bell pepper yakatori. It was stuffed with chicken. We think it was chicken. It doesn't matter. It was better than Curry Popcorn which is better than sex AND Honey Popcorn with TWO ALICES!!!


Hope you liked the update! More photos coming soon!


Joey got sidetracked by anime boobs. I mean, wouldn't you?


That night we went on a quest for Yakatori in Tokyo.


More Nightmare stuff. Are you dead yet?


They've even got panties to keep your junk warm.


They have everything for Nightmare fans.


If you like Nightmare Before Christmas you will die in this store.


Does this Jack have an innie or an outie?


KidTums gets her first Pirates credit. Jahan should be proud.


Ignore the insane woman in the background. This stuff really is better than sex.


Curry Popcorn > Honey Popcorn & TWO ALICES!!!


Evil Witch is texting Snow White.


"Why are these maggots so sticky?"


The last peice of curry EVER. Well, other than the one that's still in the bowl.


I can't even SEE the end of the line!


They like the Big Thunder Fast Pass Machine even more.


The Japanese really like Big Thunder Mountain.


Ryan is 10 minutes away from finding out if Jack Sparrow has an innie or an outie...and we're not talkin belly button!


Jow is spelled wrong.


It's Big Thunder. You know how I can tell? Because it LOOKS LIKE BIG THUNDER!


Lumiere just came back from the nose job hospital.


Outside it still looks like Space Mountain. Which is too bad. I thought it would look more like a Fudgesicle, but no, it's just Space Mountain.


The big blue sliver balls now have blue stuff in them.


Tokyo Disneyland joined the erotic blue airgates club.


Space Mountain's station got a makeover just like the one at California's Disneyland. This one's better because it's got TWO ALICES! Duh!


These two were some of the hottest chicks we saw all day. Why did they go after Ryan?!?!


Not only were all seven dwarfs here, but they each had their own "personality." It was both creepy and cool at the same time. Mostly creepy, though.


Elissa just came a rice bowl.


There are so many things wrong with this picture that after I write this update I'm writing a novel about it.


Dan and two male Villains played by chicks (we think!)


Not even this guy knew what is costume was supposed to be! I think it was dirty, but who knows?!?!


Honey Popcorn. The only thing sexier is TWO ALICES with Honey Popcorn.


Dan & Joey found some prince & princess couples. We're pretty sure they are all women...but we're not 100% sure.


Haunted Mansion Holiday. It's like Haunted Mansion...but more pumpkins.


TPR Members LOVE hot steamy Pooh!


Damn umbrella convention was making the park really busy!


Dan has *TWO* Alices. I mean, who wouldn't want TWO Alices? In America you pay like $1500 an hour for this fantasy come true!


The Tokyo Umbrella Convention was also going on this day.


Our first day at Tokyo Disneyland was also the openin day for the Halloween 2007 season. One difference about Tokyo Disney from the US parks is that they allow not just kids, but adults to come dressed in Disney character costumes. And during the Halloween season, you see a LOT of very cool...and VERY WEIRD costumes! =)

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OMG, I think I would have followed the two Alices all day long...HUH MATT!!!!!


If anyone knows me, yes I have a thing for Alice in wonderland....hopefully I will make it there one day, I just have a feeling I will be stopped alot to take pictures with people...I have NO problem with that...because I will just tell them "yes of course I am in the NBA" LMAO...


Casey"Alice....gawd I have a problem..."Childers

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I just have a feeling I will be stopped alot to take pictures with people...I have NO problem with that...because I will just tell them "yes of course I am in the NBA..."


I didn't know "Godzirra" was an NBA player.



Are the girls on the right supposed to be that walrus from Alice in Wonderland? That's the only option I can think of.

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Us Guest Services people would SHOOT ourselves in the head!! Before my time at HHN I guess they did allow costumes and they had problems with non TMs grabbing people and when they came into complain about it they would say they were grabbed by someone in a costume just walking around and that could be anybody. Now if they say they have been grabbed we can at least get an idea of who/where/what house and so on and take care of it. I know there probably other reasons but that is what they tell us



I did want to post something about Muscle Park!!! I don't know if anyone on the boards are Ninja Warrior Fans ( the G-4 Channel) but Muscle Park is a Mini indoor Ninja Warrior training Camp. They designed it to reflect the course and when it opened they had the Top Ranked Ninja Warriors there to demonstrate how all the things work. My husband is a HUGE Ninja Warrior fan and pointed it out to me when I showed him the pictures!!! We are both VERY jealous that you all got to do that stuff!!! Between Muscle Park and Black Pepper Popcorn.... I plan on selling some random body parts to be able to head over there some day!!!

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I love Ninja Warrior. It's only a bummer though that the 4 obstacles they have are all from stage 3!!! I was able to clear 1.5 of them and I thought that was terrible, till I came home and realized that they were all from the 3rd Stage and even the best competitors can't pass them!


I know in the past they have held qualifications for Ninja Warrior at Muscle Park!

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Dan can play "doctor" with me anytime... I don't even care if he's diabetic or afraid of water (I'm that desperate). However, he should be VERY afraid that I fit very nicely in my "Elle Driver" nurse gear (even if I'm not a nurse, or a bounty hunter and I still have both my eyes... and yes, I'm quite gay). As Karen Walker says, my gayness can be seen from space!


Looks like the TDR trip was loads of fun! Someday, I will get to go...

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Yes, I had to write WOW like that.

That's so awesome that they let people get dressed up there.

And now for a stupid question(ok, it's more like a 2 part stupid question)

A) Do they have face characters there such as the Princesses?


B) If yes, are they Japanese or do they mail order people that look like the character from around the world?

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I think you guys are missing out on the most important part of this picture: Dan is dressed like a gay nurse.





OMG ... can't breathe...




And isn't "gay nurse" and oxymoron?


Surprisingly enough, there are 7 male RNs on my unit, and none of them is even remotely gay!

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