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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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You rode White Canyon again? didn't you learn the first time?


I will out myself, (once again), as a White Canyon fanboy. Yes, it was rough, but we found it "fun rough", and not "yucky rough". It was walk-on while we were there and we must have gotten at least 15 rides before we had to go.


I also liked Bandit. Kind of like a steel Beast, but with only one lift hill, and the helix in the beginning, and only 1 mid-course brake....




so not really anything like the Beast, but still. It doesn't have any airtime so to speak, but is very fast and goes way out thru the woods, like the Beast. Kind of. Anyways. I liked it, too. I can't imagine getting blasted with that huge-a$$ water cannon at the bottom of the first drop, though! When I was there, they were about to begin the "backwards train" promotion. I guess that's been long gone and their newest idea is to turn it into a non Dan-friendly ride. What's next, adding floorless trains?

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OMG this is AWESOME!


Those restraints on Bandit look really small and uncomfortable, yet I don't think I've heard anyone complain about them before. Kinda weird to have OTSR on a non-looping coaster


I'm really enjoying every photo posted here. Thanks alot!

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Just read that Typhoon Fitow is slamming Japan south of Tokyo. Hope Dan isn't getting too wet!


Hope the typhoon has wrecked too much havoc on the trip!



Shouldn't make too much fun - there's a hurricane forming off the east coast, and is expected to hit us early next week.



Stay dry!



John "Where's The Umbrella?" Hambone

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Great update.

The Dan-keeping-far-away-from-Splash-Bandit picture is hilarious


The Splash add to Bandit is so crazy but yet so cool. I vote every park everywhere should have at least 1 coaster like that in summer : Splash Goliath, Splash Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Dragon, ...

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Some answers to questions...


-United was fine, but I prefer the Asian carriers when coming over here.


-Yeah, it sucked Dan wouldn't come anywhere near us at Splash Bandit!!!


-Typhoon caused a light rain yesterday where we were. Apparently Tegarayama Yuen uses the Cedar Fair School of Rain Management because their coasters were closed. We got on the other seven coasters at two parks yesterday so go figure. We then had about a two hour delay getting up to Nagoya because of the Typhoon but we made it and we're off to Universal in a few minutes!


-Bandit is quite smooth, not just for a Togo but in general.

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So is White Canyon still sponsored by California?


Great photos and updates so far, and it is amazing to see how different the parks are in Japan than they are in America. Bandit looks like one of the better larger coasters in Japan as most seem to do nothing.

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Also White Canyon was nowhere NEAR as bad as it was when we rode in 2004. Not sure what's happned to the RCCA woodies this year (this one and Coaster Express), but they weren't quite as brutal as previous visits.


Mind you they were still rough, and not something I would do too many re-rides on, but at least they were "better."


And as far as the typhoon goes, yeah the train delays were annoying, but of all credits to miss, two crappy coasters at some shit hole park is much better than something important (like if the typhoon had come today and closed us out of Universal and Expoland!)



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