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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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what no one seems to have mentioned about the log flume is the fantastic dramatic plunge music that played over a loud speaker. it was like log flume meets new style american game show. Is that your final answer? bum-bum-bah-BUUUUUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh god, it was like the Japanese version of the music from that "Millionaire" game show with Regis Philbin.

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Ah, Hamanako Pal Pal.


Too bad their Haunted walk-through was "closed for the season." If it was anything like their dark ride was (WTF) it would have been something, lol.


But, and I really have to repeat it again, having said it in my own trip report...




The Best - Togo - Flat Ride - Of Death - EVER.




I so want one of these at my own crappy little home park.


Plplplplplplease Playland???


Expoland in Osaka had the same flat ride. Though I think they ran a longer and more wild version switching between locking the seats and letting them swing free. Still one of the best flat ride ever, especially knowing TOGO has our safety in mind!

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Well, considering I had virtually sworn off any type of Enterprise flat ride because of getting headaches every time I rode the darned things...


I was so shocked that I had no head 'stuff' whatsoever after riding this! (I also remember being talked into the Giant Enterprise at Spaceworld and living through that round and round, heh heh...)


And then I rode it at least three more times to try and get a 360' swing-over from it, LOLOL. Alas not a one, but I still didn't get inner head trauma!


I plan to go to Expoland the next time I tour to Japan (hopefully with TPR again!), and will definitely try that version of it, it they still have it running.


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I didn't hear the cool music when I rode because Richard was screaming about getting wet.


aww. don't worry Barry. that's the last time you'll hear anyone screaming about getting wet in your presence.


She shoots, she scores! And the crowd goes wild!

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The reason Richard(front seat on the right) was whining about wet is because it was rolling, not floating thus very little freeboard(navy term, look it up if you don't understand). With 8 of us in it, 9 if you properly count Barry(right behind Richard) twice, it was very heavy. There was some discussion on counting it as a credit since it had a lift hill and rolled.


The Leadsled

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Hey everyone!


Again, sorry about the delay in updates. This little thing called "life" keeps getting in the way of all the fun!


So I'm going to change things up a little bit (ooh! Excitement!). Well, really the only people who would even know are the ones that went on the trip.


I've decided that I'm going to skip around a couple of days and post the Disney updates LAST. I just really want to end on that note. It's how we originally wanted to end the trip, but due to weather we had to move some things around so we wouldn't miss any parks or credits, but since I have the ability to end the mini-updates on Disney...I will!


Anyway, today we were at Joypolis. This is in a very strange part of Tokyo called "Tokyo Teleport." It's like a huge area with LOTS of amusements, attractions, arcades, and wacky stuff to see.....


"Screw the Rabbit burger! Can we go back and get another Monster Burger?!?!"


Anyway, that's it from today. As you can see these places are totally whacked and totally awesome! If you go to Japan you NEED to hit up places like this!!!


More photos coming soon!


Golfing for dummies....


Elissa plays "Virtual Ping Pong." Just hit 100 balls!


YES!!! Cup-o-Noodles machine!!! KICK ASS!!!!


"I finally got my threesome!"


They have EVERYTHING in this arcade! Even ping pong tables!


"It's better than normal sex!"


And being Japan, where everything is automated, you have the do-it-yourself Cotton Candy machine!


Photo by Falafel


...and there are capsule machines as far as the eye can see....


Photo by Falafel


It's one of those arcades with games as far as you can see...


Photo by Dan


The arcade around the corner is probably one of the best Japanese arcades I've ever been in. If you're in the Tokyo Teleport area, you NEED to visit this place!!!


Photo by Dan


Then we headed across the street over to "Mega Web" which is Toyota's car showcase attraction. During the day you can actually test trive mini vechicles for a live action version of "Test Track!"


Photo by Dan


Yay! For the Muscle Park team!


Seriously, Muscle Park was easily one of the most AWESOME places I've ever seen. It's in the same building as Joypolis, so if you ever go you NEED to stop by Muscle Park!


Unlike Joey, not staged, and it makes Dave happy!


Photo by Dan


Well, she also ate lumpy shit, but she really looks like she had fun doing it!


Photo by Dan


As per Dave's request...Falafel's ass.


Photo by Dan


This photo was totally staged!!!


Photo by Dan


The lady screams "OMG! Watch out for those Jew eating foam bricks!!!"


Photo by Dan


Joey really does a lot of "standing and contemplating"


Photo by Dan


There is something VERY familiar about this....


Photo by Dan


Again, seconds before the shit was consumed.


Photo by Dan


Not only did Elissa get farther than the Frenonian time traveler, she also was funnier looking too! =)


Photo by Dan


Ryan...about 2 seconds before he totally eats shit.


Photo by Dan


First up was Ryan. Obviously his Fresnonian physique is being challenged!


Photo by Dan


So we looked at the map of the park, and we decided we would try the "Muscle Park Obstacle Course!"


Photo by Dan


And of course after you're done "working out" you can eat a "Monster Burger!"


Photo by Dan


We quickly realized that Muscle Park is kind of what it sounded like. It's a small amusement park based on working out!!! Seriously!!!


Ok, story time...hang on...we'll wait until you're done laughing at that picture of Joey. Ok, done now? good!


So we had NO IDEA what the hell "Muscle Park" was. And like a lot of Japanese buildings, there are several attractions, restaurants, shopws, etc all inside on different floors. The only way you really know they exisit is if someone tells you about them, you can read the Japanese sign out front., or if there is an English sign.


So we saw "Muscle Park" and we figured "What the hell? Let's go check it out!"


Medal Zone - I'll bet Dave spent a lot of time in here. Oh, wait...nevermind....that would be "Metal Zone..."


You get points for each time to spin the board!


So the Half-Pipe thing is not only just a ride...but it's a GAME!!!


I just came buckets.


This is a male bonding moment complete with crepes.


Be all that you can be! =)


Yeah, see what I mean?


So a few years ago this coaster was called "Speed Boarder" and the trains would "turn". Now it's called "Spin Bullet" and the cars now "spin" instead of "turn.'" It doesn't matter it still sucks!


God I wish we could have these same rules apply to TPR! =)


Heading up the stairs to Joypolis. There is something "Disney" here...anyone know what it is?


Joypolis is one of many places in this complex. Every time we come here we find someplace more and more messed up to visit.


In Tokyo Teleport is one of the coolest buildings you'll ever see. It's the Fuji TV building. Lots of Iron Chef was watched in here.


I'm not sure where this was taken (I think in the train), but for some reason it makes me both horny and creeped out both at the same time.


Photo by Falafel

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The capsule machines going on and on and on!


Ryan looking OLDER in that first monkey bars-type thing pic!


The looks on Kristen's face in all the pix she's in!


Joey's pecs!


Falafel's Crocs!


Dan's goatee!


Elissa's threesome!


Cup'O Noodles!



That is a very *(^#$@#* strange area, there. Hmmm.


Maybe the next Japan visit, heh heh.


Glad you guys had fun.

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