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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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Ryan, your hair is getting (or has it always been?) ridiculous.

It's always been ridiculous. No offense Ryan.


That means a lot coming from the King of the Bowl Cut!

I'm sorry, I just have to laugh at myself.


Bowl cuts aren't that ridiculous, are they?


Yes, yes they are.


Oh and:

Elissa likes 7 pound balls.
But not the 14 pound ones?!! But anyway, nice report Robb! i'm looking forward to more!
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woohoo! This is always my favorite thread of TPR! Can't wait to see more pics and reports. Speaking of a Japanese guy sleeping on the train, I do that too every morning and evening in New York. I believe Japanese people, especially guys, are good at doing it.

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Looks like Kidtums learned well to attack people! She's just too precious!

Those quirky Japs always sleeping in random places! Buses, subways, roller coasters! Jeez!

Oh, and if Joey is reading this(or if someone with Joey reads this) tell him that people are actually starting to miss him at work....





Just kidding.


Have fun everyone! I can't wait to see more funny moments that this trip will bring!

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Day One - Yomiuriland and then a 700 mile journey the southern island of Kyushu.


We finally make it to our hotel! Tomorrow we visit Space World! More photos coming soon!


...but Aussie Asshole #1 and "Aussie Asshole Wannabe" got hammered.


Many people slept...


That afternoon we hopped on a Bullet Train and headed to Fukuoka to start the "Southern Japan" part of the trip!


Hey Jahan! Frozen Coke credit #1 of the trip!


You look nice and snug Jeff!


Have fun in those roll cage trains!


Photo by Bob Hoffman


White Canyon is RCCA's version of a Cyclone clone. You will need Advil when you are done.


Chuck is protecting the proper place!


Photo by Falafel


"Standing and Loop" - One standing train, one sitting train. It's true! I don't make this crap up!


It wouldn't be a Japan trip without someone riding these creepy walk around over sized stuffed animals!


Yes...that IS a fire hose at the bottom of the first drop!


Photo by Tom (shockwave)


I wonder why Dan is standing so far away from us? Hmmm....


There is water EVERYWHERE!!!!


Photo by Chuck (cfc)


That's right! It's Bill (Nrthwind!)


Photo by Chuck (cfc)


Everyone get ready and aim, you'll never guess who is in the front seat!


So what is "Splash Bandit?" Basically, you are given super soakers and you can violenty drench the riders! But it doesn't stop there! Oh, no! There are several spots on the ride where they turn a FIRE HOSE onto the train!!!!


Forget what you've just learned about Bandit...it's all about "SPLASH BANDIT!!!"


Bandit sprawls out over most of Tokyo.


The view from the top of the lift. Bandit is quite a cool ride!


Every coaster in Japan over 100 feet tall is required to have a helix.


Chuck is not so sure about Bandit...don't worry Chuck, it's actually quite good!


The park likes grouping us into small areas!


I think Rich is saying he wants to go to the water park.


They brought us all into this detention center before our filming session starts.


Random stupidity at Yomiuriland!


Whatever that is selling...I WANT Some!!!


Yup, we are on another train.


While in Tokyo, the Yamanote Line is something we will become very good friends with.

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