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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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It does look pretty rough from the video, mind you I did like the commentary, made me laugh!


I've wondered whether peoples size, height, and stuff like that effects the ride enough to make it smooth for one person yet rough for another (headbanging on OTSR's anyone?). Granted different parts of the train will give different rides, but I'm sure peoples physical shape must also contribute to it.

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. Plus, I did get to experience another one of those "flat rides of death" I've never seen in the states...Moonraker...


I was on Moonraker when it broke down and I got an 'exclusive fastpass' -(well me and 9 others on the ride at the time but that seems nearly exclusive to me), which I have kept as a souvenir, obviously.


I did find the park very ghetto in comparison to everything else Japan, but I am close to calling Fujiyama my top 'fun to ride' coaster of the trip....in fact I will.


Fujiyama was my TOP FUN coaster of the trip. Yay



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That's about how it went for myself.


I was on the opposite side as you were, Robb. Other end of that row.


Not the same time of course, which would have made for some really great stereo cursing for Ginny, LOLOLOL!


But at least I know I felt it the same as you, lol.


And Ryan thought I'd cry like a liddle girl - HAH!


I screamed more blue stuff than I think he thought I knew possible, hee hee.



Thanks for putting the vid together, Robb. Instant memory renewal, ha ha.


It was one of the few coasters I have ridden that I felt the need to hold on. My bottom half kept sliding around.

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Today we visited Parque Espana. BTW, I have posted a POV video of Pyrenees, the park's B&M invert in our "Members Only" section here:



Some of you may remember our visit to Parque Espana in 2004 during the typhoon. If you haven't seen that video, downloaded it HERE! It's one of our best videos, IMO!


Anyway, during this visit we didn't have a typhoon! Yay! And we got to experience a few more rides than our last visit, includuing the totally whacked out "Musical Circus." At some point I'll post a POV of that ride too. It NEEDS to be seen! Anyway, onto a few pics....


And finally, we leave you with a photo of the Escalator Ride. Still cool, but after Muscial Circus it just seemed "So last year."


We also finally got to do the boat ride. It was decent. Have a really cool "secret drop", but overall after Musical Circus nothing came close!


Pizza with eggs...makes Dan happy!


Then you head back to the happy animals and you have a "Happy Animal Dance Party!!!"


Yeah, it sounds totally random but it's SOOO COOOL!!!! And given that you're on the most bizarre ride system ever just adds to it! I'll post the video at some point. It NEEDS to be seen!


Then after riding through the "star field" section you arrive at these SPOOKY GUYS! But even though they are scary and spooky, they also seem to want to party and invite you into their good times!


Photo by Joey "Jew" Mandel


The ride was very hard to photograph since you couldn't use a flash, but there is LOT of very happy Japenese animals that play and want to invite you into their very good time.


Photo by Joey "Jew" Mandel


Then you board this circular "ride vehicle" which rotates around a show scene, then descends down to the "lower level" where you move along a slow track and then up to the next show scene.


This "look" explains it all!


You enter the pre-show room where you are told a story by these really happy tree animals. It doesn't matter that it's all in Japanese. It's just so bizarre and messed up that it works prefectly!


First off, they give you 3D glasses and tell you it's a 3D movie (which is why we didn't bother with the ride the last time we were at the park), but it turns out, it's really NOT a 3D movie. In fact, very little of the ride is in 3D!

(Yes, that is some random Japanese person there who decided to hang out with our group!)


So now we come to "Musical Circus." For those of you who remember our last visit to Parque Espana, the "Escalator Ride" was probably the most bizarre thing we experienced in the park (see video linked above), but this time around, the Escalator Ride would seem quite normal compared to Musical Circus.


Photo by Joey "Jew" Mandel


And one more, including the sign, in case you forgot the name of the ride.


Photo by Joey "Jew" Mandel


A little bit more of Pyrenees for you.


Mmm...Pyrenees....and this Mack Mine train is totally insane too!!! This is a park with two REALLY good coasters!


Bullfight coaster - Still totally messed up!


Forget the coasters, everyone agrees this is the HOTTEST chick in the whole damn park!!! (The one inbetween Dan & Joey...just in case you couldn't tell....wow, that kind sounded gross...I didn't mean in between Dan and Joey like IN BETWEEN them, but....nevermind, I'm going to stop now....)


Some Zero-G awesomeness.


They seem to like Pyrenees, but just wait..."Musical Circus" still awaits you.


First drop on Pyrenees. Wave hello to that psycho Mack mine train down below!


Our day starts with some ERT on Pyrenees! Dan is happy because there isn't a typhoon outside to get him wet.


In Japan you have to connect your computer to the "lard line." You get really fast internet service, but that crap is really sticky and gets all over your hands!


Now that we're a few days into the trip, it's harder and harder to get up early in the morning! Elissa and KidTums lay there, practically dead!

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Musical Circus > Escalator Ride.


And I also nearly missed it too.


Nothing out front lets you know WTF is in store for your 'entertainment' lol.


Looking forward to that video, heh heh.



(Parque Espana ROCKS!)

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X:No way Out goes to Spain (via Japan, lol)


and comes back to England


as "Matador" Bullfight Coaster!


Ole', indeed.



(Edit: It was No Way Out w/better lighting, more stops, no backwards, and more props {read: capes!} to put you in that bull-killing mood, hee hee.)

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So which is more messed up: X:/No Way Out or Bull Fight Coaster?

I think X:\No Way Out in it's original form with all the effects (and when I say effects I mean air blowing on you) working is a bit more messed up than Bullfight Coaster. While stopping in the Bullfaight area IS really REALLY screwed up, the rest of the ride is actually quite rough and un-enjoyable.


Whereas on X:\ there really isn't any point where you're in pain, just more the state of confusion and WTF the entire ride.



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^ I'm feeling I need to capture the Musical Circus footage to show everyone!!!


So glad you caught Musical Circus this time around, Robb. As I said last year, not only was it my favorite ride of Parque Espana (yes, coasters aside), it's on my top 5 lists of Dark Rides ANYWHERE. It's simply one of the weirdest, tripped-out, messed up, and technically impressive dark rides ever built. Best of all, it's totally original and has an insanely catchy theme song of it's own.


Something cool I heard from a friend at Walt Disney Imagineering: the incredibly complex ride system used in Musical Circus was actually designed for a never-built ride for an unnamed Pavilion at Epcot. It makes a whole lot of sense for an Epcot ride if you think about it, kind of a "Carousel Theater 2.0". The capacity on Musical Circus is ENORMOUS, especially it's capability of 5 (!) circular platform ride vehicles, that not only lift up into the show scenes, rotate 360 degrees around, move DOWN out of the show scenes and then amazingly move across forward (and sometimes diagonally) through the tripped out fiber-optic starfield world. The ride system is crazy expensive, which explains why we never got it at Epcot. It's not trackless (the LPS system used in Pooh's Hunny Hunt & Aquatopia at TDR) but rather the guided wire system used in Ellen's Energy Adventure and the 4th Dimension sequence in Orlando's Tower of Terror.


This tech masturbation alone would give hardcore ride geeks like me a reason to go see it, but what makes Musical Circus really awesome is that it’s SO MESSED UP (in a good way!!)


Here’s the story, roughly translated: it begins all weird and happy with forest creatures singing and stuff, but then the mischievous bunny character decides to wander away from the forest to find adventure. So you descend out of his forest home, down into the fiber optic world, then up to the next circular scene, the crazy psycho circus world, where an ENORMOUS, incredibly impressive (genuine full-scale animatronics, mind you, like almost everything in Musical Circus) jack-in-the-box guy says there’s no escape.


They then taunt the rabbit, calling his songs stupid, and then threatening to eat him, as well as all his friends (referring to us, the audience). Then, the coolest most demonic looking sequence in a dark ride ever happens. Hundreds of little red glowing evil eyes start to pop up everywhere, and fork and knife sounds are heard. They begin chanting something close to ‘delicious, delicious” as the ride vehicle spins faster around the in the show scene. More and more creepy characters appear, and they begin singing an evil ‘we’re going to eat you, delicious delicious” song, as yet more eyes, fiber optics, jack-o-lanterns, dancing dinner plates, and other disturbing animatronics come out from hiding behind trees, bushes, and even the ground.


Finally, you descend again, move diagonally through fibre optic kingdom, then are lifted up into the only 3D Movie portion of the ride, where the “Princess of Music and Imagination” makes a promise to stop the nightmares for our bunny hero on the condition he returns home. The best part of the 3D Movie sequence is the jarring transition between the cartoon animatronics world, and the very “Star Wars Christmas Special”-costumed live action Japanese actress which seems to not only be inspired by that, but also strangely reminiscent of Angelica Huston’s “transformed and orange” state at the end of Disney’s Captain EO. Yes, from now on, our bunny hero has learned his lesson… we descend down into the star field once more, then up into the first show scene (now redressed) for the INSANE musical so-happy-your-head-WILL-pop-or-we-may-keep-you-here-forever original song. “Amigo Amigo”. At least 50 animatronics sing in this scene (including singing MUSHROOM GUYS!), with probably about a hundred more moving figures (but not full AA’s) adding even more disorientation. Finally, at the climax of the chorus, the bunny waves goodbye, and rows and rows of daisies ‘grow’ all around the theater in a way so over the top and elaborate…. that you swear there must’ve been something in that iced beverage you had a moment ago.


I’m so glad someone got some footage of the ride. I’ve been to the park twice now, and both times wasn’t able to get a perfect recording. I’ll be happy to share what I do have though.


All hail musical circus!! Lol….

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