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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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KidTums = KT = KayTee = Katie? Just a guess.

Kristen will NEVER be called "Katie" by us. No offense to anyone who shares that name, but we really don't like it as a nick name for Kristen.


--Robb "KidTums will do just fine!" Alvey


Sooo sorry i also screwed it up.



Jon "sometimes i forget my own name" Azevedo

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To prove that you weren't making up it.


He wasn't making it up.


Being one of The Three with whom these six lovely young women... uh... made contact with.... um


I have a photo, too. And I have the Indy Jones on-ride photo, with them sitting in front of us, as does Mike/miniviews.


Eventually. Patience oh (probable) horny one.


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As for Europe until just today I thought I would do China. But now the more I think about it most of my friends are going to Europe so yes I'm doing Europe next year.






Until our next Zorb together, lolol.


(Edit: Two posts in a row. I am on a Roll! )

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1st Yay KT on your first credit. Wouldn't that be weird if she ended up hating coasters cause her parents forced her to get on them as a child. That's what happened to me and Church. Oh that's just stupid Guy!


2nd HOT SPOON! I gotta get me that credit!


3rd My submission!


LOU- I just peed my pants!


RICHARD- Wow! That's awesome! I just $h!t a panda!

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I was one of those who had an inside seat (back row) on Euthanasia and I liked it. That being said - waiting two and a quarter hours for the ride sucked. IMHO the people running this park have been to Six Flags advanced course in park mismanagement and customer abuse. Frankly unless you really, really, really, etc. just have to ride their rides don't go here.

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Congratulations Kristen, you cutie!!! That picture is going on the Shoufler refrigerator!! In no time at all now you, too, will be a coaster prostitot, making those dollars!!


Your pals,

Shari and Sam



I read this and I was like, "Does she really not know how to spell prostitute?" and then I got the joke...what did I have to have blonde hair

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I was one of those who had an inside seat (back row) and I liked it. That being said - waiting two and a quarter hours for the ride sucked. IMHO the people running this park have been to Six Flags advanced course in park mismanagement and customer abuse. Frankly unless you really, really, really, etc. just have to ride their rides don't go here.


I agree with Gus and I had an outside back-row seat, possibly/probably the exact same one Robb got for riding. And I liked the coaster! But again, waiting for so very long would NOT become a regular experience I would want to persue again and again.


The park's Dipping Dots were good, though...


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Next up - Universal Japan!


I have SO MANY PHOTOS from this day as IMO it was one of the best parks of the trip. Even better that they opened up a new B&M "hyper" (it's really more of a mini-hyper) and it was pretty decent.


I'll post a lot more photos and some video clips when we do the full updates, but for now here's a glimpse of our day....


That night we ate the "Chicago Feast" and OMG, it was like eating 4 people from Illinios!!!


More pics coming soon!


OMG! The "Rabbit Burger" is back at McDonalds!!! Dan just kumdorilanded!!!


Hey Jahan! Citywalk had a place with ten, count 'em TEN different flavors of frozen Coke products!


WARNING! You have just entered site B. prepare yourself for the urban jungle with insturctional dino emblems. CAUTION: be fashionable and practical at your own risk.


I love Japan! =)


FIRE!!! HOT!!!!


"I might have a small penis, but Ryan has a Delorean...."




This park is so awesome! It's almost a clone of Florida's park, but all the rides are in the wrong spot!


Would KidTums like some awesome Melon Cremesoda Fanta too?


And speaking of small penises, gee...I wonder who might be over compensating here, hmmm?


Lucy said "Joey, you have a small penis, get used to dissapointment."


Aska quickly broke up with Joey just after the ride. Since Jahan and Ryan weren't around, he consulted Lucy for some relationship advice.


Joey managed to get a date!!! And her name was "Aska!" Does that count as two coaster credits?


We proceeded to head over to Snoopy Studio where the indoor Roller Skater was so everyone else could get their credit.


I thought the way they tunneled through an existing building was a GREAT idea! It totally reminded me of some coaster I'd build in RCT where I'd be all "Crap, I can't connect it....well, let's just run it straight through this building!!!"




The Japanese LOVE their helixes!


When the sun goes down they turn on the little sparkely lights and when the train flys by it looks REALLY cool!


Overall, the ride was pretty good. It was nothing "earth shattering", but it was VERY fun. Some decent pops and floats of air, the music selection part was cool, just don't go in expecting Nitro or Goliath.


There is something very "Hulkish" about all this....


Just select the song you want, or if you're a dumbass, it will select one for you. Just hope it doesn't select "J-Pop 2" as that song was pretty lame!


Those giant speakers behind you means you can thump your brains out on this coaster! And no one will arrest you for doing so!


The "Gimmick" to the ride is that you can select the music you want to rock our to prior to leaving the station.


Universal Japan has just opened "Hollywood Dream", a new B&M "mini-hyper" coaster earlier this year.


Elissa and KidTums are annoying matching mutant humans that must be destroyed!

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OMG, that meal you had looks Gi-normous!


And how was the Waterworld show, in comparison to USH?


I missed it, probably for the truncated 'Wicked' show in Oz I saw. Which was sweet and nice (and under 45 mins), but definitely NOT the good witch-bad witch version on Broadway, lol.


Or the Hollywood Dream, BTTF, Jaws, ET, Jurassic Park, or SPIDERMAN rides! Spidey was my very first and it just rocked, all four times I went on it!


And that wacky LIVE over-the-top "hostess" at Terminator 2: 3-D! Total Japanese script, but she was great, very funny to watch, and a Big Highlight of the shows I saw.


The best of all possible Universal and IOA parks in this one park, and it was RDA all the way.


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^Having watched USH's version of Waterworld way too many times..I thought USJ had the better version on paper, but a lot of stuff wasn't working (most notably the jet ski jump). I liked that they set up the seaplane launch differently, how the hoverboat blows its fan towards the audience, and that the stage is different (the diving platform is on the left and not the right). But it's still about 95% the same exact show.


And I really hate Robb.

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The weird thing was, Bob and Ryan also wore identical red shirts as well. It was very creepy.


That is like the pot calling the kettle black!


Bob and Ryan were the Condiment Crusaders--Ketchup Man and Saucy, the Boy Wonder.


Universal Japan was great--an easier-to-navigate version of the Florida park, with a bit of the California version and IOA thrown in for good measure. If they throw in MIB and Mummy, it could be the best of the bunch.

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