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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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Might as well admit it now.


But when Elissa gave birth to Kristen, and kidtums was to become an immediate part of any and every current TPR tour...


Well, I don't think I was alone in wondering how the baby would cope; how Elissa & Robb would cope...and more blantantly, how the f--- WE would cope on the tour, blah blah.


Needless to say, she was (in any particular order) adorable, a perfect , a screaming banshee, and just the best traveller anybody could hope for.


Kristen was an amazing Extra Bonus of the Japan tour, and I feel very lucky to have finally met the little charmer - and still see how the Alveys would cope, etc. hah hah!


By the way, props to all you guys who helped keep kidtums happy, fed, occupied and generally at ease on this madhouse of a tour we did. You were all a great 'team' for Elissa & Robb, and it was wonderful seeing you all get so intimate and oogie-googie with the little sweetheart.


So congrats on your first credit, kt! You earned it.


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^ We were all starting to figure out some kind of POLL for what her "first word(s)" would be....


Then several of us all thought at the same time.... "JOEY!" Or "VEKOMA".



And she already showed signs of sitting up on her own, during the tour! Quite the fast learner, I'd say, lol.

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Katie Screamed on this trip?



I think she did that maybe once on the Spain trip. Including at night since Ron and my room somehow often ended up next to R&E&K's, sometimes even adjoining (as was the case in PortAventura)


She was such an angel and soooo adorable. I admit i cooed and made more baby noises more than i think i ever have.

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Katie Screamed on this trip?


Well, remember we were all dealing with humidity, no coach to continually take us places, and in and out of that stroller thru the train stations...?


She did what I'd call Happy Screaming, which was almost as freaky as cry screaming, heh heh. So really loud stuff from her was really at a minimum, compared to all the time we spent with her and her folks. But when she let her lungs go....omg she could be an opera singer, LOL!


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^ Just a slip of the tongue. It happens.


On the tour, we were trying to get our Japanese words in order, heh heh. And our bows. And our 'garbage sensibilities'.


And I think some of us accidently called her Kersten from time to time, depending on what we were saying, lol.


I know I did, IMhO.


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HORAYYYYY!!!!! KidTums' first coaster credit! Congrats cutie!

That picture of her 1st Credit sign is by far one of the cutest pictures of her!


So, for those who don't know anything about Japanese parks(and who are too lazy to google it) is Tivoli like one of those small family parks with not many big coasters? Or did you just hide them from us so we couldn't see how much awesome-er Japan is than U.S. of A.

As always, thanks for all the updates! I love living vicariously through the pics!



Jen "I miss Joey....kind of...not really" Raphael

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Tivoli was a lovely little park that actually packed quite a few flats and themed attractions into it's smallish area,


PROS were The Dessert Ride!; pretty landscaping and gardens everywhere; a not-too-bad flume with a blacker-than-black darkness inside (very freaky to NOT see your hand two inches in front of your face, lol); a ball-shooting bumber cars; a animatronic show w/moving audience I am PO-ed I missed out on seeing; and some great food there, but...


the CON was we just didn't have enough time to enjoy all of it IMhO, and take our time, etc. I think an extra hour would have made a difference, but I think we were arriving near the end of it's opening hours. Timing.


Ah well, a great little park for families with one cred and several cool rides and unique attractions to it.


Hopefully you'll get to see more pix of it thru everybody's TRs too, including a couple I took there. With omg film-in-a-camera, my usual way to take trips, lol. In time, will post.


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Am I the only one who went "Awwwww!" upon seeing the kidtums #1 sign picture?


So cute!!!


And yes, Kristen truly is wonderful, she was always so cute on the Midwest trip, hardly creid at all, and the few times she did it wouldn't be long before she'd stop. She was sooo cute at the airport too. I made her smile or laugh or something


Robb and Elissa told me along time ago they planned for the railway to be her first credit, but it's still so cool that it all worked out and everything


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