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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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Must be one of those "never in America" things again.


Actually there is quite a list of attractions and, uh.... things we found and dared to go on (see: Off-Pavement Gokarts here in previous RobbPost? ) and live to go on and on about it/them.


But definitely agreed they were not possible for the USofA. Even the way we got belted with water on Splash Bandit could be cause of a possible lawsuit, depending on how wet, etc. blah blah.


And Canada (where I live) wouldn't be much better on these things - following Big Bro etc. I keep hoping, though.


But hey, we got over whatever happened, and wanted to ride more!


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Lou: Damn, the Aussie A$$hole hauls..... A$$.


Rich: Crikey, finally beating the Brit Porn Queen. Big boob-filled Destiny and a new Porno Kingdom awaits me - ye$$!


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Happy to provide you with a cool mew avatar, Pete--you do look like a maximum badass with that shotgun.


The shooting walk-through was the coolest thing at Central Park (and one of the coolest non-Disney attractions on the whole trip). Diavalo was pretty good, too.

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I made the front page with a shotgun no less. Totally Red Dawn awesome. Just like the whole trip. Everything exceed my expectations. Amazing job Robb and Elissa!!!.


Yeah, Peter with a shot gun.


Peter in a Zorb.


Even Peter with a cocktail....or three!


What next for this adventurous, unabashedly bold .... uh..... Peter. ?



Edit: YOU were Red Dawn Awesome to see on the trip, and spend some quality (hiccup) time with, Mr. puppet! Glad you were able to make this nutty journey with us. Hey - you going for Europe?


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Thanks for all the kind words Bill it was great spending time with you too. The same goes for Mark, Adam, Tom, Chuck(Great Picture) Brian, Rich and of course my roommate Barry and everyone else too. And I especially want to thank Miles , Shane and Steve to you guys are the best I had an amazing time with you. As for Europe until just today I thought I would do China. But now the more I think about it most of my friends are going to Europe so yes I'm doing Europe next year.



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Just a quick word to say how much fun I had in Japan. Not only were the parks and coasters great, my fellow TPR people better. Everything exceeded my expectations. Hats off to Elissa & Rob; I look forward to my next TPR trip and sticking my hands in other new bodily fluids.

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Today's Park - Kurashiki Tivoli Park - Where KidTums got her first ever coaster "credit!!!"


Dont you even THINK about it Chuck!!!!


So it was time for us to leave Tivoli and head out to our next destination...NAGOYA!!!


Photo by Dan


"Yes I am riding the strawberry cake ride...you got a problem with that???"


Photo by Mark Cross


Bob liked the log flume, but Brian is all "Meh, it's not as cool as BLOWING STUFF UP!!!"


Photo by Mark Cross


Check out our awesome HELL FIGHTER tank! We're loaded with tennis balls and a flame thrower.


Wake up Saddam Hussein and the other demons...we are about to ride ***HELL FIGHTER!!!***


There is absolutley no significance about this picture, I just thought "Hot Spoon" was funny.


"Hi, I'm Dan. Check out how hot I am. I'm so hot, that if you take a close up picture of my chin, it looks like a scrotum. No, seriously! It does! Ask Lou!!! If you would like to see a photo of my chin as a scrotum, email me!" mrt0ad13@aol.com


Yay! KidTums hits a "Milestone Credit!" Hold up that coaster dork sign!!! (How many coaster geeks had a sign for #1?) ;)


OMG! Look at the size of that drop! It's got to be what....FIVE FEET!!! OMG!!!


Photo by Tom "Shockwave"


KidTums and mommy are doing OK!


Here we go! Very slowly, but we're coasting!


"Hey KidTums! Ready to get your very first coaster credit?" =)


It's like one of those "Snugli" contraptions for babies, but this one is made for roller coaster riding!!!


Aww....she's too little to ride in the "kids seat" so she'll have to use the baby carrier!


While Tivoli Railway is technically a roller coaster, this gets REALLY borderline as far as credits are concerend. It only goes about 10 MPH at the TOP speed, and most of the time it goes at "train speed" but it coasts the entire way. There is a "Child Seat" (looks just like a baby car seat) and a baby carrier for infants! The brochure calls it "A slow moving roller coaster that the entire family can enjoy." And they mean ENTIRE family!!!


And now the ride KidTums has been waiting for....the "Tivoli Railway!"


Photo by Bob Hoffman




It's a fun ride, but like most Japanese "Jet Coasters" it's about 100 feet tall, really long, and just kind of meanders back to the station at a moderate speed.


Photo by Tom "Shockwave"


...and boys that blow stuff up take on the back seat.




TPR members take over! Those cooler than the rest of us take the front seat.


It's sponsered by Coke which automatically makes it cooler than most other coasters in Japan.


I spot a coaster!


Photo by Dan


One of many "escalator rides" in Japan.


Ahh, Tivoli....how beautiful, how elegant....let's get the credits!


Photo by "cfc" Chuck


Don't worry...this is Japan. Those aren't actual people. They are holograms. The train will go right through them!


The group is back on a train headed for Tivoli!

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