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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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Fuji-Q is like what would happen if Six Flags Darian Lake and Kings Island had a baby and then dropped it on its head several times. The worst operations I have ever seen, and a complete crap coaster collection (except for Hamtaro!).


The Japan Disney parks totally destroy all the other ones. Four days there was not enough! And the Pooh ride is the single greatest non-coaster attraction ever. Anyone that does not start laughing when the ride bounces like Tigger simply has no soul.


This has been an amazing trip. I will be very sad to leave Japan. Thank you Robb & Elissa for all the work you put into this journey.



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You know, I didn't think Fujikyu was that bad. Though I wish I didn't get there 3 hours before closing and waiting 2 1/2 hoursw for Eejanaika. And not riding Dodonpa. Out of all the Japanese parks, Fuji-Q was my least favorite. But when I was there, the sky was clear all day. We even used it for our Christmas Card .


-Dainan "I actually liked Eejanaika though" Rafferty

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I still have yet to hear about anyone in this group ever going through "The Hospital." I believe Robb skipped that last trip, am I correct?


You can't be so coaster obsessed to have not tried one of the greatest walkthroughs in history?

We all wanted to do the hospital, but with 2 to 3 hour lines for most everything in the park, we either:


A. ran out of time

B. didn't care enough to do it

C. were too frustrated with Fuji-Q to wait in yet another 60 minute line for the Hospital.


Thus, no one did it. I hear it is great, but I don't think anyone on the trip is into walk throughs enough to wait out the line it had yesterday.




That's fair. Too bad, though. Next trip, you have to make time for it, man. It's really something.

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If it wasn't for the padding, it probably would have been close to those original rides on Outer Limits with the OTSR's.


Ouch. Having ridden Outer Limits at its worst this is about the worst thing you can say about a steel coaster, short of "I wound up in the ER with neck trauma".

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I just hope the Eejanaika video has as much swearing as the Manhattan Express video.


If Robb was sitting next to me it would have. Poor Adam got his ears burned off as I cursed from the first drop to the violent end. My exact words once we hit the brakes prior to entering the station: "GET ME THE #$*@%&! OFF THIS THING!!!" I never liked X at SFMM and I sure as hell didn't like the Japan version.


And Adam got another earful when they dragged me onto Blue Fall today. I HATE DROP TOWERS!!!

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Well, we had the final group dinner tonight, and I`m heading back to the States tomorrow. As for summing up the Japan Adventure Tour, I got three words for ya . . .


Red Dawn Awesome!


Thanks Robb and Elissa--you`ve outdone yourselves again!


Everybody on this site needs to get their butts over to Tokyo DisneySea--the best Disney park of them all, I think.

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Well, enough has certainly been said about Fuji-Q and "those coasters," except to say Pfffffffft!


But for now, THANK YOU Elissa, Robb and Dan for making this the trip of a lifetime for me. I couldn't imagine how I could ever have gotten so much done, travelled to and through, and ridden, by planning it on my own. It boggles my mind (and wallet) how much we all got (and more!) for the two weeks we had touring together.


Red Dawn Awesome, indeed.


And once again - TOKYO DISNEY SEA ROCKS!!!


(*my Top Ten List of the TPR Japan Tour coming up in a day or so*)

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I'm starting to come to the conclusion that R & E know how to put on one kick ass trip, maybe just, looks like continued awesomeness following on from our great time on the midwest trip.


Shame to hear about Euthenasia, and the Fuji Q, being an X lover (although it was pretty rough last month) I was hoping that the 4D concept would get a few more takers, maybe not.


Fuji Q sounds like a must miss park.

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Sound like it was another great trip host by the Alveys Trio! I love reading your comments and the photos. I can't wait to read the full reports on all of your three major trips.


Frozen Coke must be good over in Japan! Have a safe travel back to the states!


There is one thing missing thou.... DerekRx. Hope to catch him sometime in the future trip report or at the park!

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OMG! Talk about being out of the loop!


Haven't checked the boards in a while, and I just realized you guys were in Japan. I've been in Japan for two weeks now (totally coincidentally)... I've been mostly working... but managed to fit in visits to TDR, Parque Espana, and Spaland (although I got there and found them closed.... not fun...)


Anyway.... reading about your recent trip to Fuji-Q made me remember my horror trip there last year. But just think Robb, at least you GOT to ride a coaster! I waited 3 hours for Dodonpa, it broke just as I was boarding, they gave me that useless pass.... and by then the lines were ‘cut off’ for both the 4D and that big black one. And it was 2PM... and the park closed at 6PM. The worst part of the experience was that (of course) Dodanpa NEVER reopened, and they wouldn’t let me use that pass for another ride (like on Eekanaja or whatever it’s called) even though they dispatched train after train with an absurd amount of empty seats.


It’s weird to say this about a theme park, but the operations are not only reprehensible, they’re downright cruel. Especially when compared to EVERY OTHER JAPANESE theme park (which always seem to have friendly, helpful people) it just blows my mind that they wouldn’t try and make a visitor (ESPECIALLY a foreign visitor who has obviously travelled thousands of miles to visit their VERY out-of-the-way park) try and have a good time.


It almost seems like that park purposely rips people off through it’s operations. Actually, that makes the most sense given it’s consistent ly awful operations combined with absurdly high admission fees.


The truly sad thing is that the non-big-3 attractions are really quite excellent. I love dark rides and walkthroughs, and Fuji-Q has the best & weirdest walkthroughs of any park I’ve ever been to. From the weird “standing coffins” theater experience, the ‘sanrio-like-scalding-pink-dollhouse-anime-cute-girl-on-crack walkthrough’, the ‘mystery cave’, the ‘haunted dojo’.... and of course the simply stunning Haunted Hospital... it’s just an AMAZING collection!


Even the dark ride in Thomas Land is REALLY well done... did you guys notice the locking and rotating switch-tracks? Totally unexpected... and really high quality. The log flume is old but fun, and the mini-log flume in Thomas Land is actually very unique. Even the retarded Gundam attraction simulator is fun... as is the weird indoor coaster, the ‘Revolution at Great America in Santa Clara upside-down flat ride’ that’s actually INVERTED style, the old weird 70s-era Amusement Park flats that scatter the park... there’s just too much here to totally dismiss it... because there’s so much that’s so rare and so unique.


This park really has the potential to be a fantastic one. It certainly has a great backdrop. That makes it even worse.... it’s just so depressing that the big rides have such awful awful operations. I’ve never wanted to go to a park again as badly as I don’t. I didn’t this trip. Sounds like I made the right choice.


Anyhow.... tomorrow (Tuesday, September 18th Japan-time) is my last day in Japan, and I’m going to be at DisneySea. Is anyone there right now? I would love to meet up with some people... that would be a blast.

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