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The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

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Hey everyone!


If you didn't know already we are in Japan! We have had some very late nights and early mornings, and because of that, I'm just going to be posting photos....not too much commentary, and a video here and there when I get a chance.


Anyway, here goes.....


Part One - Arrival, Galaxy 999, LaQua (Scroll Down)

Part Two - Yomiuriland & "Splash Bandit!"

Part Three - Space World Photos

Part Four - Uminonakamichi Seaside Park Photos

Part Five - Harmonyland, Wonder Rakutenchi, Kijima Photos!

Part Six - Mitsui Greenland

Un-Official Part Seven - Robb's Eejanaika Review

Part Seven - Himeji Central Park

Part Eight - Kurashiki Tivoli Park & KidTums first coaster credit!!!

Part Nine - Universal Studios Japan

Part Ten - Parque Espana Photos!

Part Eleven - Nagashima Spaland Photos!

Part Tweleve - Lagunasia Photos!

Part Thirteen - Hamanako Pal Pal Photos & Mega Coaster Video!

Part Fourteen - Joypolis & Tokyo Teleport

Part Fifteen - LaQua & Sea Paradise

Part Sixteen - Cosmoworld Photos!

Part Seventeen - Fuji-Q Highland Photos & Eejanaika POV Video

Part Eighteen - Tokyo DisneySea & Tower of Terror Photos & Video

Part Nineteen - Tokyo Disneyland & Halloween!


Robb rants about Fuji-Q! (Because everyone loves a good Robb Rant!)


The rest of the evening we were entertained by drunk guy on train that wanted to use Jeff and Hot Fuzz Rich as a pillow.


We will have more updates as soon as possible!


Lou wanted Denny's. Hot Fuzz Rich just wanted to be in the picture with Lou.


It's all about getting punched in the face by GeoPanic!


Yup, they have Thunder Dolphin here. Most people in the group thought it was pretty "meh"


In case you couldn't tell....we are at LaQua.


It's an ad for the "Flying pink elephant sucks the little mushroom man and mini-Godzilla with his trunk" game!


Yes, we are on a train....very good...we know that!!!


This trip is all about trains, planes, busses, taxi's and pack mules.


Bizarre-o Intamin looper in a hotel.


Yay! We finally get to ride a coaster!


In the arcade, Elissa won a coin block and a goomba. The coin block even makes the "ding...ding..." sound and if you hit it ten times you get a 1up! I'm not kidding!!!


It wouldn't be a Japan trip without saying hello to our little Taiko friends.


Elissa likes 7 pound balls.


Dan got a "Spare Rim"


Japanese bowling!


Chris got attacked by two women. Something that has never happened before and we guarentee will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!


We found these weirdos at lunch.


Dan fell in love with a diabetic tree. Wait, don't trees requre water to live?


Just don't get stuck in the door..it hurts!


Everyone back on the train! We are getting good and jumping on and off these things.


The next day while the rest of the group was arriving we went down to Tokyo Disney to get the tickets. It was the hardest thing to be at Tokyo Disney and NOT go inside!!!!


Can someone escort us in there please?


We took turns having Lou be our "escort." She sure was tired by the end of the night! =)


Yay! Our first train!


Japan is awesome. It's like the whole country is one big Disney Deluxe Resort. it's that cool!


On the plane KidTums got "baby first class" with her own little bed!!!


Here we are at the United terminal at LAX. It says "Easy Check-in."..... It wasn't.

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I still miss going on Galaxy Express 999 after a long day! My brother and I would leave my mom at the hotel and we'd just walk up the block and we were there. And I still think Thunder Dolphin is the best hyper coaster I've been on...I guess I'm stupid . Have a great trip guys. And ride Space Mountain for me...and my favorite ride ever, Journey To The Center for me too.


-Dainan "I'm just upset Space was closed when I went to TDL" Rafferty

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Wow, It seems like you guys have already been all over the place!


What's up with Thunder Dolphin? It looks cool.


Bizarre is the word I would use to describe it!


A 260 foot coaster in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world? If I ever go to Japan, it is something I will really look forward to.


But in all honesty, it looks like Millennium Force, just half the length, which means it is probably just average for a hyper.

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Ryan, your hair is getting (or has it always been?) ridiculous.

It's always been ridiculous. No offense Ryan.


That means a lot coming from the King of the Bowl Cut!

I'm sorry, I just have to laugh at myself.


Bowl cuts aren't that ridiculous, are they?

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