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Photo TR - Knoebels - September 1st


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We went to Knoebels on Saturday, September 1st. Here are a bunch of pics.


Some pics of the Flying Turns, the Flyer, etc. And then a bunch of pics that I hope capture what makes Knoebels the incredible park that it is.


And last, but certainly not least - the Phoenix at night. With incredible ejector airtime!!!


I swear Knoebels has the most beautiful swing anywhere


There is something that is just so right about a kid standing on a diving board with the Twister in the background!


Speaking of the Twister




The train back into the woods, through the Twister, under the water slides!


Teacups! I love these teacups!


High Speed Thrill Racer speeding into the station!


High Speed Thrill Racer


The motor boats that run under HSTR


Did someone say kiddie rides!


Miniature Golf under the pines


Trying to grab the gold ring for a free ride!


The Grand Carousel


The Paratrooper


Let's get VERTICAL!


Speaking of Flying - nothing better than the Flyer at Knoebels!


Flying Turns Station



A few pics of the Flying Turns


The sign at night. Knoebels is incredible at night.


The Knoebels sign in the park


The drive in to Koebels. All those trees are a preview of things to come!


And if you're hungry, check out these prices at the Alamo!

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*sigh* I miss Knoebels. My family was there all weekend, as my family ALWAYS is and has been the last 10+ labor day weekends, camping. This was the first (and hopefully LAST) year I didn't make it because I couldn't take off work. I did get there earlier this year though, so I made it at least once. Nice pics though, I was looking for them in some of the pics with the crowds lol.

Also, is that person climbing n the back of the boat in the pic of the motorboats?!

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Also, is that person climbing n the back of the boat in the pic of the motorboats?!


Yeah, that looks like an operator for the Motor Boats trying to adjust the engine speed. It might have been running erratically or a bit too fast. The engine speed that Knoebels usually sets is slightly faster than idle.


Did you see any structure between the two gaps, the one between the first lift and the helix, as well as the one between the helix and the 2nd lift?

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Did you see any structure between the two gaps, the one between the first lift and the helix, as well as the one between the helix and the 2nd lift?


Yes, there were still some gaps in places. A major gap between the first lift hill and first helix in back of the Flyer.

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It Seems like they will never finish the flying turns its been what 2 years now and still not open. I wish knoebels owned a steel yard instead of a lumber yard. Then they might just get a good steel coaster or at least attempt at building a large one instead of the former sidewinder. The one good one they had RIP Jet Star went away for the horrible whirlwind and now this big construction mess. Blah Knoebels has just went downhill in my book. Its still a nice little park but just needs some more money invested. On some cutting edge thrill rides and if they are flat don't get the miniature model.


By The Way nice Pics

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Although I'm disappointed that the Flying Turns didn't open this summer, I've heard that construction on the two missing pieces of track is in progress, and the first train is supposed to arrive soon. The brochure for PPP this year is calling it "Phoenix Phall Phunfest with a Twist and anything else we can come up with", so I wouldn't be surprised to see it open for one or two days this year.


A steel coaster, other than a "family" one or maybe a mouse, would be out of character for Knoebels, not to mention probably not fitting anywhere (you really don't want a Vekoma boomerang, do you?)


I don't think there's anything terribly wrong with the ride selection. Don't like it? Just use tickets. (Although there have been days when I've wished I had bought an armband because I had so many coaster rides.)

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