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The Best Woodie under 75 feet Tall

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The only woodie in this category I've ridden is High Roller at VF, so I have no other choices. It's a fun ride that has it's moments, but it's trimmed to death and can be rough in some seats.


Trim-less rides on High Roller are really fun. I normally get trim-less rides when they aren't running two trains, so go to VF on the non-busy days (Thursdays work beautifully) to have a better chance of an air-time filled ride.

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I love Wooden Warrior but I give the slight nod to the Thunderbolt at Six Flags New England. I've ridden it at least 50 times over the last decade plus and it always delivers a fun, smooth ride in every seat. It's a great little coaster.


I think I'm going to change my pick to White Lightning at Fun Spot now that I've had a chance to ride it.

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My pick would be phoenix if we could pick drops of less than 75 feet, however since that would be cheating, ill go with jack rabbit(Height:40 ft,Drop:70 ft) also from kennywood. I find it interesting cyclops also fits in this category(Height:70 ft,Drop:75 ft) and both cyclops and jack rabbit have OMFG airtime moments.

Jack Rabbit is such a great coaster, it's probably my favorite out of the three wooden coasters at Kennywood.

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White Lightning at Fun Spot for sure. That coaster kicks tons of A$$! I rode it almost 40 times one night this summer, so much fun!


Not only the best woodie under 75ft, but one of the best woodies around! That was definitely one of the greatest coaster riding nights ever!

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If Phoenix counts (78 ft tall but only a 72 ft drop), it definitely wins. There are only a handful of wooden coasters better than that ride.


If you want to exclude Phoenix, I would say Cornball Express. It may not be as insane now as I believe it was when it opened, but that is the second best CCI I've been on and beats many other woodies.

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To potentially jog some memories, and for the sake of completeness in choosing, I believe this is very nearly the full list of eligible operating choices worldwide. Max height OR a single drop over 75ft eliminated a coaster from eligibility. I did not omit kiddie/family coasters, since the cutoffs are grey lines, but I did make a side note on some of the smallest/oddest.


For heights not listed on rcdb, I noted the actual statistic if I could find it.


Interesting that about 40% of all operating wood coasters fall into the sub-75' category. I would have suspected far fewer. Blackpool takes the cake with FIVE mini woodies!


Let me know if you can think of any others and I will add them if I agree.


1. Animal Coaster – Jawa Timur Park 2 (wooden wild mouse)

2. Antelope – Gulliver’s Warrington, 45’

3. Auto BergBahn – Wiener Prater (kiddie coaster)

4. Big Dipper – Camden Park, 50’

5. Big Dipper – Pleasure Beach Blackpool

6. Blue Flyer – Pleasure Beach Blackpool

7. Cannon Ball – Lake Winnepesaukah

8. Cannonball Run – Waterville USA

9. Classic Coaster – Washington State Fair

10. Coaster – Vancouver Playland

11. Coastersaurus – Legoland Florida

12. Comet – Waldameer

13. Cornball Express – Indiana Beach

14. Crazy Car Coaster – Wisata Bahari Lamongan (wooden wild mouse)

15. Cyclone – Nikko Park, 55’

16. Cyclops – Mt Olympus

17. Elf – Hirakata

18. Falken – Farup

19. Flying Turns – Knoebels

20. Ghoster Coaster – Canada’s Wonderland

21. Giant Dipper – Belmont Park

22. Giant Dipper – Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

23. Grand National - Pleasure Beach Blackpool

24. High Roller – Valleyfair

25. Hochschaubahn – Wiener Prater

26. Hullamvasut – Vidampark/Holnemvolt

27. Jack Rabbit – Kennywood

28. Jack Rabbit - Seabreeze

29. Joris en de Draak – Efteling

30. Judge Roy Scream – SFOT

31. Kiddie Coaster – Rye Playland (kiddie coaster)

32. Kingdom Coaster – Dutch Wonderland

33. Leap the Dips – Lakemont

34. Legend – Arnolds

35. Lil Dipper – Camden (kiddie/family coaster)

36. Little Dipper – SFGAm (kiddie/family coaster)

37. Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain – Indiana Beach (CCI dark ride coaster)

38. Meteor – Little Amerricka (kiddie/family coaster)

39. Nickelodean Streak – Pleasure Beach Blackpool

40. Outlaw - Adventureland

41. Pegasus – Mt Olympus

42. Racer – Kennywood

43. Roar-O-Saurus – Story Land

44. Roller Coaster – Lagoon

45. Roller Coaster – Upper Clements Park

46. Roller Coaster – Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

47. Rollo Coaster – Idlewild

48. Rutschebanen – Tivoli Gardens

49. Rutschebanen – Bakken

50. Scenic Railway – Luna Park Melbourne, 62’

51. Sea Dragon – Columbus Zoo

52. Skyliner – Lakemont

53. Swamp Fox – Family Kingdom

54. Teddy Bear – Stricker’s Grove, 28’

55. Thunderbolt – SFNE

56. Timberhawk: Ride of Prey – Wild Waves

57. Tomahawk – PortAventura

58. Tornado – Stricker’s Grove, 55’

59. Twister – Grona Lund

60. White Lightening – Fun Spot

61. Wildcat – Frontier City

62. Wild Mouse – Aussie World (wooden wild mouse)

63. Wild Mouse – Luna Park Sydney (wooden wild mouse)

64. Wild Mouse – Pleasure Beach Blackpool (wooden wild mouse)

65. Wooden Warrior – Quassy

66. Woodstock Expresses – KI, KD, Carowinds (family coaster)

67. Yankee Cannonball – Canobie Lake

68. Zach’s Zoomer – Michigan’s Adventure

69. Zipper Dipper – EsselWorld

70. Zippin Pippin – Bay Beach



I've only been on # 19, 55, 65, 66 and enjoyed WW the most. However I am going to add quite a few more next year

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If Phoenix counts (78 ft tall but only a 72 ft drop), it definitely wins.


I wouldn't be surprised if that's why they went with 75 feet for this thread. If Phoenix was an option then this thread would (rightfully) turn into the Phoenix appreciation thread and if it got any less than 95% of the vote with people who have ridden it I'd be shocked (I say 95% because I'm sure somebody would still pick something stupid like Yankee Cannonball just to be different, lol).

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