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RIP, Masked_Maverick, Daniel T.Miller

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This is a sad thing to hear of anyone who's only 25, and had so many goals in life. I have seen him around on other forums also. Set up that donation and I'll give, for him and the animals.

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Man, this just turned my day downward. So terrible.


Like others on this site, I didn't know masked_maverick at all, besides from what he said in his posts. He played a big part in the molding of the overall personality of these forums. It's going to be very different here without him.


Jeez, as I'm typing this, I'm trying not to burst into tears.

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Ok, I just called the Lake Humane Society and got the information on sending in a donation.


Basically, what I'm going to do is send a check in on behalf of TPR in Daniel's memory. We will be including a letter with everyone who has contributed's name. I have set up a Paypal account under my name, weslagattolla@gmail.com if you would like to donate to the TPR group fund. If you do Paypal, please include your TPR Username, and so I can put you on the list for record. Please have donations in by the 17th.


If there's any problem sending money to my account with paypal, let me know, hopefully I set it up correctly.



If you wish to make your own personal donation in honor of Daniel, it can be sent to:

Lake Humane Society

7564 Tyler Blvd., Bldg. E

Mentor, OH 44060


Checks should be addressed to "Lake Humane Society" and include a note that the donation is for Daniel.

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Thanks to whatever mod changed the title, and thanks especially to Wes for setting this up. (They're probably both one and the same, but I digress!)


Unfortunately Paypal never seems to work for me, so I've gotta figure out a way to convince the parents to let me send a cheque.

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I think we should stop all the trains on CP lifthills for a minute in his honor.


I like that idea. What I was thinking (and/or) was that they could do a special Maverick run. No one on it, just let it run around the course in memory of him. I mean, he was trying to lose weight to ride this coaster.

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Wow, that's crazy. I saw the thread title and thought "Huh?" He was such a young guy and one of the few people I recognized on the boards. I love the idea of running maverick once empty in his memory, I don't know how possible that would be though. Just goes to show you we NEVER know what will happen. The most we or anyone can do is be there for his family and friends.

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This is a terrible thing. I truly wish the best for him and his family. It is a true tragedy.



It was said he was in the accident during a credit run? Well, I was going over his last posts and I found this a bit upsetting... I warn you it might upset you too...


Cross State credit whoring has been postponed due to weather. I apologize for an inconvience.


I guess maybe it was just his time... I sure hope he is in a better place right now.




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Wow, this is really shocking. Its sad that it just happened so quickly. Its hard to think that he could still be alive if the driver was only paying attention to the road. RIP man.


Also, has anyone tried to contact CP yet?

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Oh man, this is really sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family, that they can get through this. Maybe it was just his time to go. No matter what it was, hopefully he's looking down on us from heaven. I hope he's in a better place.


R.I.P. Masked_Maverick.

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