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How much are we looking at paying for single occupancy???


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I'm thinking of doing the Europe trip but was wondering how much more it will cost for single occupancy??? Unless i can get some mates to join me it looks like i'll be coming on my own Unless there are any single hot ladies going that want to hook up to cut the costs

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You find all this stuff out when you send the deposit in and they open the forum up. As of right now I would think everything is estimated as I would think they're still working on getting the hotels set up (atleast they were around this time for the midwest trip), so minor details like this don't come until later.

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If you do not have anyone else coming with you along for the trip, Robb and Elissa will match you with a roomate with similiar interests. If you really want to be by yourself in your hotel rooms, it can be arranged, but it will cost a bit more. As the previous post said, they will be able to figure out your final price later. If you are really interested in the trip, I suggest that you send in your deposit now.

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