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Small Photo Tr: Silverwood


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This last weekend (25th and 26th) me, my Dad, my little brother, and one of my dads friends and his kids made a 9 hour drive to Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach Water Park in Idaho. Sure, it was a long drive but it was totally worth it. We made the drive there on the 24th (Friday) and back home on the 27th (Monday).


We stayed in a cabin at a KOA campground in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho which was awesome! It was a 2 room cabin, 75$ a night (Split between 2.) and, about 30 minutes away from the park. They also had a pool, game room, and boat rentals.


The next morning we woke up around 9:30 thinking we could make it to the park by 11 for opening. We left at around 10:45 and hit about 20 stop lights on the way so we ended up getting to the park at about 12:00. The park was packed! We had to park way in the back of the parking lot. The lady we gave our money to for the parking ticket said there was an estimated 10,500 people in the park!


We got in the park and went straight to Boulder Beach to grab a spot and we found one of the last ones by the new wave pool. We unloaded our stuff and headed straight to the new family slide, Avalanche Mountain. This slide was awesome! It was very long (for a slide) and on every corner you were almost falling off the slide because you were going so high. We fit 6 people in our raft and easily could have fit 1 or 2 more. It starts from about a 50 foot high "mountain" and goes into a 50 foot deep valley. So probably 100 feet high total but it never comes more than 5 feet off the solid ground.


Next up we hit Velocity Peaks. I had already been on the big drop slide and the triple drop slide but I never got a chance to hit the curvy one so I did that one first. It was very fast and pulled a lot of G's during the helix. The only thing that I don't like is it kinda gets hard to breath because of all the water splashing into your face but I still think it's worth it. Next we headed to the new wave pool. It had some huge waves in the middle! You could almost body surf like 50 feet.


After being on the rest of the slides till about 3:00 or 4:00 me and Jared (one of my Dad's friends kids) headed over to Silverwood. First ride we hit was Panic Plunge, I have to say this is my favorite drop ride I have been on. It lifts you up at a very slow speed to about 140 ft. and doesn't stop lifting until you fall so you never can tell when your gone until you here "the click". Once you here "the click" it starts as a regular drop but after you fall about 15 feet then it starts pulling you down and doesn't stop dropping till about 15 feet off the ground. The ride op said it goes about 45mph which is good compared to a S&S that falls from a lot higher and drops at 40mph (correct me if I'm wrong). The wait was about 15 minutes total and well worth it. Overall the ride was great.


Next we went around the park riding stuff like the Antique Cars and a bunch of other flats then went and grabbed the rest of the group still at Boulder Beach. We hit the log flume which was fun. We got soaked but not from the drop, from the water cannons. Then headed toward Timber Terror.


It was about a one hour wait and by the time we got the back seat it was dark. The first drop in the back was great because of how fast it whipped us down it. All of the hills on it had some kind of airtime so the ride was pretty awesome. I noticed it got a little more bumpy since the last time I had been on it but it was still great.


Here is some pictures from the first 2 days... more to come!


The new Avalanche Mountain! (sadly I only got this picture).



Velocity Peaks... and something in the way of it : l


That's a lot of cold water!


The kiddie area.



The next morning (close to afternoon) we were there!


This really long pipe we crawled through. And that brown thing... it's a rock, I swear.


It was almost a Screamin' Swing.


Our "kabin"


The Kool KOA Kampground That had Kabins in Koeur D' Alene Idaho.


droooooool... Master Craft. (Sorry bad picture.)


That's what you call a house.



Vantage, Washington.


Yeah it was an early start.

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More Pictures from day 2.


Were I slept.


Inside the cabin.


More pictures of the cabin.


Corkscrew and the Scrambler.


The Corkscrews first drop.


The cool antique cars.



Timber Terrors first drop.


The Log Flume and its HUGE drop!



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A one hour wait for Timber Terror? When I went back in 05' the longest I waited was 10 minutes for the front, and that was 2 days after the 4th of July. I guess I just lucked out.


Anyway, very nice PTR. It's always nice to see pics of my favorite woodie duo, thanks.

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We started off the 3rd day (second day in the park, Sunday) a bit earlier at about 9:00, leaving at about 10:45 and got to the park at about 11:20 and only hitting about 8 stop lights! We got to the parking lot and it was the exact opposite of Saturday with about 2,000 people in the park! We got a island spot next to the lazy river with sand and everything at Boulder Beach! We hit all of the tube slides first without even having to give up our tube to someone else. Then we hit Avalanche Mountain 3 times in a row only having to wait about 3-5 minutes each time! After going down all the slides we headed for the train ride that goes around Silverwood and Boulder Beach.


The train was very nice and the conductor was cool. We started by going around Boulder Beach and into the woods on the right side of it. There was a heard of Buffalo and a couple of babies. We went over a "high bridge" that was like 15 feet off the ground. Then they did a little charity show were a robber came aboard and "took" your money. After that they told fun facts for a while as we got back in view of the park. Just to name a few... The train goes higher than Tremors because it climbs at a slow incline for a long time but you would never be able to tell so they like to call it their "tallest" ride in the park, Silverwood also out-bought Disney for the train, the train was the first ride in the park, and Corkscrew is the original one from Knotts Berry Farm.


After the train we got in line for Tremors. The ride was great and had a lot of airtime and head choppers. We Went on Tremors one more time and hit Timber Terror a couple more. Even my 4 year old 42.5 inch (ha ha limit is 42) brother got his first big coaster credit on Timber Terror and LOVED it!


After riding Timber Terror we did some flats and the river raft ride on the way to Corkscrew. Corkscrew was running awesome and I almost got some ejector air down the drop in the back seat! Our time was up at Silverwood now and it was time...


To go mini golfing! ha ha. Well I didn't get any pictures of that but here is some pictures of the last 2 days.


A nice sunset at the campground. Thank you for reading!


Second to last row on the Corkscrew.


Super round up.


The ending result!


Comes out here...


Comes through here... (yeah, you try getting this picture when its flying by at 60mph.)


It goes in there...


Ooh new shiny colors!


Side view of the whole park.


Water park from the train.


Baby buffalo!




Yeah I'm up there.

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Nice photos, and that looks like a nice unknown park. I haven't heard much about the park(Tremors I'd heard about), and it looks like a nice family owned park. This might just be me, but the park seems to be missing the one ride to make it more known.(seems like a park that could have a SLC)

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Anyway, I have always liked Silverwood TR's. The park is so unknown but everyone that goes there has a great time! I'll have to agree with Airtime&Gravity on the SLC. SLC's may not be all that great for coaster enthusiasts, but judging on what people say the park is like, an SLC would fit it great. And that second to last pic would make a GREAT avatar!

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