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Thanks for the link.


But i am not sure if that is it, cause i found this.....



On monday Saori, Imanouelle and I slept over at Haruka's house and we all went to Yomiuriland yesterday!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, if some of you realize its my second time in about 2 weeks!! But they had the new splash bandit (People squirted water guns at you first and there were 2 other places where the Yomiuriland people sprayed at you with a hose)


So not 100% sure if that is the same ride.


I think it is. On the parkwebsite there is a pic of an op hosing water of the people riding the coaster. So the added the water feature to the coaster and now call it Splash Bandit.


It is in any case very very weird, certainly if it also has a backward train on the track.



Sorry my bad.


Saw the bloody axe, the woman on the tap, the people doing water ballet, but missed the shot i was looking for...


In that case thanks so much for the POV


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Haha, They changed the name of the ride because they now spray you with a garden hose when you go by?


For some reason I think that would only happen in Japan.


I don't think they changed the name of the ride (but I could be wrong). I think Splash Bandit is just the name of this 'event' (from 7/14 'till 9/2 according to the website) where they spray you on the ride.


The parkwebsite still calls it's ride Bandit.

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Giving a shout out to Miles!!! Panther love!! I almost didn't recognize you without the goatee!


I hope you all have a tremendous time. Can't wait to see all the antics.


Oh, yeah, love the curls Lou!


Have a BLAST!


-- Dave

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Well, looks like you guys are having fun. I wish I was there....oh wait....I am!

Did you receive your luggage?


Sure did as I only brought carryon


Oh James, I am taking lots of pictures of all the cool wrist bands the parks are giving us

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Looks like you guys are having fun. Hopefully next year sometime I will be able to take a trip there with Diana.


If that happens, I'd like to get together with you, Robb and Elissa, for some advice on travel there.



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KidTums and I just got back from Space World where we had an awesome day!!!! The rest of the group headed on to Uminonakamichi, but I brought her back to the room since it's pretty hot and humid out. (And since I have the credit! )


Anyways, another awesome day..Robb start posting updates!!!!


1 Hour in the park before it opened to the public to ride Venus and Zaturn!!!

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Were you guys looking forward to seeing Lagunasia? there is this ride there i have been wondering about for ages called "Treasure Hunting" which is one of those motion base tracked rides like Indiana Jones (come to think of it, its just a rip off of Indiana Jones anyway) Being a big fan of those, it'd be cool to eventually see pics of that whenever. I think I saw one pic showing the vehicles in the station on some site, but it'd be interesting to see how a non disney/universal park does that sort of ride. Lagunasia looks like a little gem of a park though, Japanese must have a thing for parks with a sea theme. have fun there.

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Nice update Robb, I totally forgot this trip had actually started, I'm still checking out the US trip....


Great to read KidTums is having a great time too. Sounds like there are some awesome parks over in Japan/Korea.

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Are you guys out of the way of the typhoon?


The wife and I got caught in it this afternoon and Parque Espana and got screwed out of the two outdoor coasters.


The storm should clear the area around lunch time though and we'll be heading to Nagashima Spa Land.

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