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WWE suspends 10 performers

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From CNN Website:


Any more news about this topic, and who got suspended..?




World Wrestling Entertainment has suspended 10 performers for violations of a policy that requires drug tests, the company said Thursday.


Stamford-based WWE says it issued suspension notices based on independent information received from investigators from the Albany County New York District Attorney's Office.


WWE spokeswoman Jennifer McIntosh would not identify the performers or specify how they violated the policy. She referred other questions to the district attorney's office, where a message seeking comment was left.


Under the wellness policy, which requires tests for steroids and other drugs, a wrestler faces a 30-day suspension for a first violation, a 60-day suspension for a second violation and firing for a third violation.


In June, pro wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife and young son and hanged himself. Investigators say Benoit had a steroid and other drugs in his system at the time.


Earlier this month, WWE officials met with New York prosecutors investigating illegal steroid sales.


At the time, McIntosh confirmed the meeting but declined to comment on what was discussed.

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No confirmations at this time, but Comcast is saying this is the most likely individuals based on a Sports Illustrated article where they discovered they purchased drugs online.


Charlie Haas - Purchased drugs as late as January 2007.


Chavo Guerrero - Purchased drugs as late as May 2006.


Edge - Purchased drugs as late as February 2007.


Funaki - Purchased Somatropin in March 2006.


Gregory Helms - Purchased drugs as late as February 2007.


John Morrison - Purchased five different drugs as late as February 2007 .


Mr. Kennedy - Purchased three drugs between October 2006 and February 2007, including testosterone, which is an anabolic steroid. Kennedy sternly claimed in a recent interview entitled 'WWE Stopped My Steroid Use' that he completely stopped doing steroids as soon as the WWE Wellness Policy was implemented. You can read the interview at this link.


Randy Orton - Purchased drugs as late as February 2007.


Umaga - Purchased Somatropin as late as December 2006.


William Regal - Purchased drugs as late as November 2006.

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Funny, I would have thought that all of them were probably on steroids, maybe they are the ones who actually got caught.


Wonder how many more scandals WWE can handle before it all ends.

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