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^ Have a great time at both! I'm hoping both Cirque du Soleil's re-imagining of ALEGRIA,

and the upcoming tour of HAMILTON will reach us in late ^ April and late May (for Ham).


This was our very first Cirque show, back in ...... 2003!

And our top seats were ..... $65 each, back then!

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The posters are now up, all over New York City and Broadway!


Wish I could be there to see it. <sighs> Hopefully, an eventual Cast CD will happen.

Photo from the net. Thanks, whoever took this!

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Just saw SIX and COMPANY on Broadway last weekend. I liked Six more than I thought I would, and COMPANY was interesting how they changed up the roles and also the awesome set pieces. Patti LuPone tested positive for COVID-19 just moments before our show started :( but everyone still put on a great show.

Also saw THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG last minute, off Broadway. Had no idea what to expect... a little over the top and predictable (well... most of it) but I definitely laughed more than a few times.

All in all a very expensive but enjoyable weekend!

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^ Very envious of what you saw and experienced, with or without Ms.LuPone, lol. I do hope she got better. I actually saw/experienced her in the original "EVITA" back 1979, then later in "Anything Goes" in 1989, on Broadway. What an wonderful actress she is!

And as far as SIX goes, I am so hoping there will be a Tour to come our way, in several months or so.

I've been lip-syncing the studio recording for - ever LOL!


The Broadway 'SIX', on The View, a few months' back.

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Just to know .... the annual TONY AWARDS are going to held  on Sunday, June 12th, LIVE on TV, from Radio City Music Hall.

WOO HOO! Something to actually look forward to, theatre-wise. this summer! 😉 On CBS. Check local listings.


The cut off date for all productions, is April 28th.

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Broadway.com just released new info. about Mrs. Doubtfire:The Musical...


Good news, poppets! Mrs. Doubtfire will release an original Broadway cast recording. The new musical comedy is set to return to Broadway's Stephen Sondheim Theatre on April 14. Details and a release date for the recording will be announced soon.


The entire cast Act 2 Finale. Rob McClure is 'Mrs.D'  He also portrayed Charlie Chaplin, several years back.

And he played 'Alec Baldwin' in the recent "Beetlejuice: The Musical (The Musical, The Musical)" too! Photo from www.Broadway.com

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^ Oh, me too! I love all the behind-the-scenes part of theatre. I used to do shows (amateur & prof) here in Vancouver, and was always interested in how they were putting together the sets and costumes, special effects, etc. Great stuff, and I never get tired of finding out more.

Then, we see these great tours of productions, and I am always looking forward to what they do (or don't do) production-wise. ie. trap doors, rotating stages, things that fly in and out, etc. But I sure miss going to New York and seeing these shows in their original theatre. With all the bells and whistles going! 🎭

By the way ~ If you want to see a really cool "quick change" check out the number that TOOTSIE did on the 2019 TONY Awards. (Then count the seconds, between "Michael" leaving the stage and "Dorothy" appearing. Less than a 1/2 minute, which I find incredible for that kind of a change!

P.S. Found the link to it! https://www.facebook.com/TheTonyAwards/videos/tony-awards-2019-tootsie-performance/351106818931752/ And Santino Fontana won the Best Actor in A Leading Role in A Musical TONY, for this role.

P.P.S. There's an interview with Rob McLure on www.broadway.com - and he talks about the number of "suits" he has depending on how fast he has to change, etc. Go to the site, and SEARCH for him. The interview should still be around.


Rob McLure (Mrs.D) and the kids. Photo courtesy of Good Morning America.

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A recent interview with Daniel Radcliffe revealed a possible Broadway something in "the future"....


I've got a really nice life. I've been with my girlfriend for a decade pretty much. We're really happy," he said. "I just got to make the Weird Al movie, which is honestly one of the most pleasurable, exciting experiences in my career. I'm doing the last season of Miracle Workers this year and then another Broadway show. So it's a good year, man. I'm really happy with how it's all going so far."

Am hoping for another musical he does, PLEEEEEEASE! (Most likely a play, though. But really, who knows, till it's actually announced?)

:b 🎭 :br


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For those who need to know: The 2022 TONY Awards' Nominations occur on Monday, May 9th.

And the TONY AWARDS will be broadcast on Sunday, June 12th. On CBS of course.


Edited by Nrthwnd
TONY Nominations original date, moved up a week.
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And, from the "FINALLY, Dept."...

There will be a Broadway Cast Recording of SIX! But in addition to that,

this will be the Very First Ever LIVE Opening Night Recording!


Here's the Broadway.com site, announcing the news and link to pre-order it:



FYI ~ Opening Night was on Oct. 03, last year.

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^ And as well.....

It's just been announced that the Broadway Cast Recording of the Pulitzer Prize winning A Strange Loop,  will be available by June 10th!


More information about it's release, AND for pre-ordering it:


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From the "What's On Tonight?" Dept...

PBS is airing tonight, as part of their Great Performances series: "Keeping COMPANY With Stephen Sondheim"

It's (at least) an hour special, with the usual breaks asking for donations, etc. Ends up being 1-1/2 hours in total.

And it's all about how they managed to switch the sexes in most of "Company". Including a Gay Wedding, too!

Should be a great look at how it all came to be. Here's the LINK to PBS with more info. on the special:





Lead Katrina Lenk (Bobbie) and The Gang.

EDIT TO REVIEW: This was an absolutely wonderful look at how the whole musical thing called "COMPANY" came to be in 1970. Then it takes you through most of the entire current production, with interviews with everybody connected with it AND those who are still around from the original production (Donna McKechnie who went on, to "A Chorus Line"). And as well, those who appeared in at least three other productions (2 revivals on Broadway, and 1 in London). And they never cut to anyone asking for donations! I mean, it was PBS, right? But it's a full hour and  a half of Sondheim at it's best. He did get to see first previews on Broadway. But then, a week and a half later, he passed away in his sleep.

I do realize that during the 1950's and 1960's, he was at the top of his game there too, lyrics and/or music, before the 1970's and on. But I always like to (now) think that the Best of Steve started with COMPANY (1970), and has now ended with COMPANY (2022). If you get a chance to find and see this special, do so! If you're a Sondheim freek like I am, you won't regret it.

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I went to a community theatre production of Beauty and the Beast on Friday night while Disneybounding the Beast. I had some great interactions with cast members after the show.


I even got to dance with Belle a little bit.


I had Gaston put me in a headlock.


Poor Beast was one of the many cast members having mic issues all show. I went opening night so I hope they can get it all sorted out.

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Found that the show biz paper, VARIETY, has just posted an article about "Sondheim's Last Musical" to be produced in the fall!


Stephen Sondheim’s Final Musical ‘Here We Are’ to Premiere Off-Broadway in Fall


Here's the link to the whole article: https://variety.com/2023/legit/news/stephen-sondheim-final-musical-here-we-are-broadway-1235556360/


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