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^^Yeah, it's not one of those hugely popular shows...but it's quirky...funny and has a catchy but not complicated score. I'm a huge fan of smaller shows and this one really fits into that catagory well.


One of my favorite shows I've ever done professionally was on the same scale...Lucky Stiff!

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Of course, I may be partial since I wrote this!




Stage frights: ‘Halloween: The Musical’

Orlando theater — posted by matt palm on October, 14 2010 6:32 AM


‘Halloween: The Musical’

The breakdown: The story is from John Carpenter’s film classic — Michael Myers escapes from a mental institution and returns to his hometown on a murderous rampage — but it’s a musical spoof.


The basics: 8 p.m. Oct. 22 and 24. Lowndes Shakespeare Center, 812 E. Rollins St., Orlando. $15; go to wanzie.com.


The burning question: Why would someone turn this scary film into a comic musical? “I used to watch the movie “Halloween” on VHS growing up, but I was always afraid to watch it at night,” says creator John B. deHaas. “After my 20th or so viewing, I began to find the humor in the absurdity of the situations. And I also like to take very insignificant details and turn them into full-blown musical numbers.”


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Went Saturday night to see a production of Rocky Horror and was blown away. For a community theatre in Huntsville, Alabama, it was very professional quality. All the actors and actresses were amazingly talented.


Our group with Dr. Frank N. Furter. This guy was absolutely amazing! Sorry, it's a little blurry. :(


Me and my friend Chris, who played Eddie/Dr. Scott.

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I just landed the role of Joseph in our school's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat! It should be quite a large show, with over 40 cast members and a great crew. The musical is being choreographed by Mr. Jim Hesselman, who is a Broadway professional, and definitely knows his stuff. (I've worked with him before in Bye Bye Birdie and Anything Goes...both great shows, thanks to this awesome guy!)


Rehearsals begin next week. I am INCREDIBLY excited!

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I'm working with Ted Swindley, creator of Always, Patsy Cline on his brand new musical based Kinky Friedman called Becoming Kinky: The World According to Kinky Friendman. I'm playing his long time side kick "Little Jewford". It's an amazingly funny show!

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I am going to see Hairspray in two weeks then Oliver and Les Miserables over Christmas in New Year.


Hairspray is to be our school show next year so I can't wait!


There is just something so great about musicals!


We just finished up Hairspray a few weeks ago! Such a fun show. Three high schools (including mine) in Wichita are doing Hairspray this year. Mine and another school have already completed it, and there's one other school that is doing it in the spring. They have their "spies" that have been at both shows


^That sounds great!


Our showing of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat premieres tonight. I'm a bit nervous, but I'll make it thrugh, haha. Please, wish us luck!


NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEVER SAY GOOD LUCK!!! SAYING THAT IS BAD LUCK!!! You say "break a leg!" Why? Well, what heals a broken leg? A cast!!!

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Just got tix online for upcoming touring productions of "Avenue Q" and "Legally Blonde" to be seen here in Feb. and March, respectively.


Hope they're good versions of 'them', lol.


I saw "Q" in it's first previews in London, back in 2006 - before TPR's First Official Tour/UK started, in fact, lol - and just loved it. Nearly peed myself, it was so funny! So, I am hoping this one is just as good as before.


And of course, "Break A Leg" is the only way to do it right, lol!

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Avenue Q is touring the UK next year!


I highly recommend everyone to go and see this one!


I saw it in London two years ago and WILL be seeing it next year in Glasgow when it tours!


Avenue Q is probably the best musical to go and see if you aren't that keen on musical theatre because -


1. The music is ROCK (a quite diverse kind though, a mix of sax and guitar with drums and keys!)

2. The storyline is one that many can relate to (and if not laugh at!)

3. Those puppets are so darn cool!

4. It is modern and bright!

5. The lyrics are spectacular!


Oh, if you do go to Avenue Q buy all of the merchandise. It is witty and cool (Obviously not as cool as TPR merchandise but still pretty awesome)



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^^^I agree! Even if you hate musicals, Avenue Q is THE show to see. It's just non-stop laughs. Not to mention, it's a parody of Sesame Street. That should totally attract a few more people. OMG I LOVE Avenue Q!!! The humongous puppet behind the set scared me a bit though.


^^Holy shiznit THAT will be hard to pull off! I would love, love, love to do Phantom, but that is one of the most difficult shows to do. The singing is extreme. I have a friend who is doing that show in February at his school. I'm hoping to go see it. Their voice teacher played the role of Christine in Los Angeles years ago. I'm sure it will be fantastic.

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I saw the new musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark last week. It had a ton of technical problems, but when the effects actually worked, it was visually stunning. However, the score and book are extremely weak, and I don't know how much of that can be fixed to turn it into a decent show. I don't know when or if I'd get to see it again, but I'd be curious to see what the final product looks like.

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