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^ That's quite the assortment of choices your school (?) is planning on choosing from. Hmmm. Urinetown or Assassins? I hope whichever one you eventually get to do (I enjoyed Ragtime when it played here in Vancouver), will be a unique theatre exerpience for you all.


But - I'm pretty sure that Glee isn't coming back to the regularly scheduled lineup until this fall. I think that's what the preview was all about. With a "Coming This Fall" tag to it.


I also checked our weekly guide for next week's shows, and Glee isn't listed there at all.


So - gotta wait until then, heh heh.


But, I think the show will be well worth it with all the stuff they showed us in that preview.

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^ That's quite the assortment of choices your school (?) is planning on choosing from. Hmmm. Urinetown or Assassins? I hope whichever one you eventually get to do (I enjoyed Ragtime when it played here in Vancouver), will be a unique theatre exerpience for you all.

We've been getting some pretty intense theatre at my school in the past few years. My freshman year, we did Grease. Sophomore year was Les Miserables and this year was Jesus Christ Superstar. Les Mis was by far the most fun (JCS was terrible - it was a pretty good production, but everyone hated each other and no one had a good time, so it wasn't as great as it could have been), but I think Ragtime would have the ability to surpass that.

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Just wanted to pop into this thread and remind everyone that the new Broadway cast recording of Hair will be released tomorrow on iTunes. I managed to get a copy of it early from a friend, and it is *awesome*! I can't stop listening to it.


I seriously have an obsession with this show now, and even saw it again yesterday. There's no doubt in my mind that it will be winning the Tony Award for musical revival. If you're in NYC, go see it!!

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Just got tickets to see Spamalot again this summer. I saw it in London last year and LOVED it and am taking my dad this year to see it. I will also probably try and do the last minute thing they do for leftover seats for 20 dollars with some friends.


Trying to decide if I should take my mom to see Fiddler on the Roof or Legally Blonde at the Pantages. We have seen neither, any thoughts?

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^I agree. Fiddler is a classic old-school Broadway musical, while Legally Blonde is obviously more modern, so it depends on what you'd prefer. Fiddler has some lovely songs, but can also get kind of long and boring. LB is definitely more fun and upbeat.

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So who else watched the Tonys last night?

I thought the presentation for Billy Elliot was awesome, but I am SO tired of Elton John doing bad music for musicals that would otherwise be outstanding that I don't think it should have won.

Next to Normal has an awesome story, but the music lacks a little.

Rock of Ages is just dumb. No different than Mama Mia.

Shrek. I won't even say what I think about this musical because I'm afraid I would be banned.

Honestly, I think the best show this year was West Side Story, but I'm mad that they didn't have any Spanish in its presentation. I was looking forward to that. Next to Normal would be second, then Billy Elliot.

I miss the years with good musicals like In the Heights, Grey Gardens, Wicked, The Light in the Piazza, Avenue Q, Jersey Boys, The Drowsy Chaperone, etc.

The plays look really good. I saw a production of Exit the King at a local university and it was fantastic. I also loved that acceptance speech. French existentialist tragicomedy FTW!

God of Carnage looks great, I want to see it. So do the Norman Conquests.


In other news, the Civic Center of Des Moines announced its upcoming season last week. We are getting August: Osage County, Jersey Boys, and South Pacific (and The Lion King for the second time, but I've already seen it). I wish we had gotten In the Heights. I want to see that.

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^I watched most of it. Overall I thought it was pretty good.

I LOVED Billy Elliot, and I really want to see it live now! That kid did an amazing job with the once scene they showed.

Next to Normal looked promising, good story and all, but it took me a little while to get into the music.

I thought Rock of Ages actually looked kinda funny, but I really wouldn't go out to see it.

Shrek...should have never been adapted into a musical.

I'm definitely more of a musical person but I really would love to see God of Carnage after last night, seems like it's an outstanding play.

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When I head up to Jersey in July my dad and I planned on catching a show on Broadway and right now it's a toss up between Jersey Boys (because I love Frankie Valli and well, any music from that time) or Avenue Q. I just don't know which to pick.


3 or so years ago I got to see Monty Python's Spamalot at the Schubert on Broadway and it was absolutely hilarious. Probably my all time favorite musical.

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Whoever was in charge of the sound for the Tony Awards telecast last night should be fired. But other than that, I found the show to be mostly enjoyable. NPH was a great host, though I wish he would have appeared more throughout the broadcast. His closing song was hilarious!


Billy Elliot is a terrific show and I was happy to see that win - but I would have picked another song to perform, maybe "Solidarity". The performances from the cast of Hair, in the opening number and in the title song from the show, were my absolute favorites.


However, this might be the best moment of the night...


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Last night I took my girlfriend to go see the Lion King. It was amazing! I'm not huge on musicals and never have seen a Broadway one but I'm glad my first one was Lion King cause all I can say is it was amazing. The singing was unbelievably good and it was way better than the movie.



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^^^^^Billy Elliot isn't about the music, it's about the dance. Beside that, the music is far better live than it is on the soundtrack. It works extremely well with the show if you actually see it.

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My favorite was probably one I played in during High School. It was a classic "rock" musical (70's theme) set to some strange screenwrite that some students adapted. We played some awesome music (David Bowie, Styx, Cold as Ice - Foreigner, Queen, etc) and it was quite the blast.

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I got a chance to see Chess in Concert last night on PBS. Great show and about the only thing I have liked Josh Groban in.


I have this on my DVR and will hopefully watch it today. Chess has some awesome music in it! I saw a concert a few years back, which sounds like it should be similar to the one shown on PBS - Adam Pascal and Josh Groban were in it, too. Julia Murney and Sutton Foster played the female leads though, and they were fabulous.

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Musicals I have seen, in no particular order are:


The Phantom of the Opera (Hugh Panaro as Erik)

Les Miserables (Phillip Quast!)

Sweeney Todd (George Hearn and Angela Lansbury)

South Pacific (I love the revival!)

Avenue Q

Rent (I liked the movie too.)

Hello Dolly! (Don't really like the original)

Pirates of Penzance

Porgy and Bess

9 to 5 (Interesting)

Billy Elliot


In the Heights (Better than I thought)

Jersey Boys

Mamma Mia!

The Lion King

The Little Mermaid


West Side Story

Sunday in the Park With George


My Fair Lady (I played various characters in a school production)

Mary Poppins

The Sound of Music

The Rocky Horror Show (FTW!)

Rain (Don't know if this counts)

The Music Man


My favorite movie musicals are:

Across the Universe

Singin' In the Rain

Summer Stock

(Anything with Gene Kelly)


I love musicals.

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Having just returned home from the TPR Scandinavian Tour, I taped the TONYS and proceeded to watch them this past Monday night, even though I kind of already found out, while on tour, that Billy Elliot had won for Best Musical.


But other than that, I really didn't know who won what until four nights ago! That said...


I agree that the sound for the opening number, and in a few other spots, musical and non- was ridiculous. I mean, I know and realize that they are tight with rehearsal times at Radio City, what with every show on the boards having it's own schedule to deal with, etc. But jeez! I just thought that this should have never happened, of all things.


But then, I do remember that awards shows are sometimes notorious for their 'sound problems' when it comes to live numbers and such. Still, it was sad to 'hear' that happen, right out of the gate.


And - I didn't tape enough to the end of it all! ARRRRRRRRRRGGHHH!!!

Hmmmph. Liza was about to announce the nominees for Best Musical and then - the tape stopped and that was that.



So not only did I miss the whole deal happening after she announced that Elliot had won, but then there's this closing number that Harris did, I am really wanting to see/hear.


Did it show up on YouTube, or can somebody post that closing segment here?


Thanks in advance for any of the above, made available.


And Geoffrey Rush's acceptance speech was just awesome!

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