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Does anybody have a picture of the hill after the first drop before they took it out in 99'?


They took the hill out right away after Excalibur was built. I think they got rid of it in the early 90's if I remember correctly. They just reprofiled the segment of track between the lift and second hills in 99'. The bump was out by then.

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Hey. I rode Excalibur in the first year and I can confirm that the small hill after the first drop was removed for the second season, (does that make it a new credit?)




It was a very small speed bump with intense ejector airtime, (if I remember right), that threw you more forward than up. They were having the problem that smaller riders were getting flipped forward and bashing their faces on the "handle bars" (not the lap bars, the bars for your hands). It was so long ago, I honestly can't tell you if the ride was better with or without it, but it certainly made it more eventful!


edit: The small hill of which we are speaking had to have been removed in 1990, not in 1999, as it was removed after the first season. I just checked the dates on RCDB.

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Excalibur isn't that rough when you sit in the second to last row. You just have to know the right seats to sit in in order to have an enjoyable ride on the coaster.


When they had that bump, the entire train felt it. It was that bad, it was a fluke in the design. The ride right now is okay, but it was much better in the past when it came to the speed.


Maybe Geauga Lake will give us the Dominator? That'll be a pretty good move on Valleyfair's part. We really don't have any inversions on our coasters.

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