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New park to open in Sweden for the 2010 season

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New Swedish amusement park to open for 2010


The former owners of the Gröna Lund amusement park have

revealed plans to open Swedens biggest aumsement park.


The park is going to be located in Botkyrka, south of Stockholm.


The park will contain a world-class water park, different activities like a fairy tale park for the children is also going to be built.


It also seems that a new hotel can be built close to the park. Big areas for scenes will also be built so bigger performances can take place in the park.


The initial cost seems to be around 650 Million SEK for the first part that is going to be built.


According to Aftonbladet the Lindgren family says that later a thrill park with big roller coasters will be added.


Short facts:


Area: 760,000 sq m

Cost: 650 MSEK.

Opening: 2010

Construction will start during 2009.


More information to be revealed during a press conference

at Friday 31th August.





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why doesnt they build an amusement park in south sweden? Is it becuase we in south sweden are so close to tivoli gardens in copenhagen?

I thought it would be greate if a park opened here in south sweden because we have so much free space!

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Wow! That's sounds really cool and for anyone wondering 650MKr is about 95 M $, 47M £, 69M€.

^ good question, however I think the answer is just that "there lives more people near Stockholm" , although there's also around half a million people in an area, by the coast from Halmstad to Malmö, I think?


Could it be that this idea/project have been sort of decided after they didn't let Gröna Lund build the Intamin accelerator and also seeing the park's lack of space?


Anyways, it certainly seems interesting, thanks for the news!

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Park Fantasia


The new park will have hotels and camping areas, with

different theming.


It will have a water park and there is also plans for

a "thrill park".


At the picture there is some interesting points for

the amusement park enthuasists.


The following points says:


2. Parking area

21. Main entrance Fantasia

24. Oldtimers/Wave Swinger

27. 3D-funhouse

28. "Dream Flight", Dark ride

29. "Dream Train", Dark ride

30. "Small amusement park part".

31. Funny House

32. Bumper Cars (adults)

39. "Walzer"

42. "Wild Mouse coaster

45. "Tornado"

49. "Wid River Rafting"

53. Mack´s Bobslade

55. "The Big Splasch"

65. "Flume Ride", for adults

67. "Flume Ride", for children


The list only says what the new park can contain.


It is also unknown if all the activities will open

when the park will open in 2010 or 2011.


Link to the park map: http://www.botkyrka.se/index.php?dispatchTo=Renderer&action=download&file=51791


Link to a project document:



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It seems that most of the interest of this thread almost comes from Scandinavia.


Anyway, when i read about this project, i first felt wow, but also i feel very sorry for Gröna Lund. This new park will become the largest in Sweden and Gröna Lund maybe will have only further 10,000 sq m to expand on in the future. So the competition when it comes to area will give a huge advantage for Park Fantasia.


I also expect this project to become great as the family behind this new investment is the same persons that was forced to sell their shares in Parks & Resorts Scandinavia during early 2006.


They have experience of the business and also launched a take over bid of Parks & Resorts Scandinavia but the major shareholders denied their bid. So hopefully Park Fantasia won´t become a new Wild West World park.


So i feel that the new park may become the Lindgren familys revenge at Parks & Resorts Scandinavia or maybe this is some investment that they would have to do anyway, even if they wouldn´t have been forced out of their family park (Gröna Lund).


Why the park is placed not too far from Gröna Lund? Well, i think that they feel that they can attract more visitors to a park with 760,000 sq m of area than a park with only 46,000 sq m that Gröna Lund may become able to use soon.


Also the revenge would show that the former majority shareholders at Parks & Resorts Scandinavia should have sold their stake to the Lindgren family.


I think it will become very interesting to follow how Parks & Resorts Scandinavia will answer the plans from their new future competitors.

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great that we (finally) get a new park! but I can't understand why they are building it so near Stockholm!? Why can't somebody, like mentioned before, build a park in south of Sweden!?


anyway, I hope this is going to turn out nice.

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It also reads like the "Thrill Park" isn't going to be built (if it is built) until ... 2012 or so???



That is a long time before any thrill rides like coasters show up, hmmm?


But that's okay. The rest of you are young.


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lol I thought this was recent news until I saw your comment Joel, I really hope this project gets off the ground.


I found some interesting things in the press relase or whatever you want to call it, they say that they are looking at parks like Efteling (NL I think) & Europa park(!) for inspiration. The park will be for 1-12 year olds. And the thrill park will be added at a later date.

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