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Drievliet MINI PhotoTR

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Well! Last Sunday I got together with my rockchick Saskia and we decided to go to Drievliet! It's only like 10 minutes from her home, and we only decided to go when it was already 1PM. 'Not to worry' she told me, 'the park is real small and you'll be able to get in several rides on all coasters'. She couldn't have been more right


We had about 5 (I don't even remember) rides on their new X-Coaster and man did we love that thing. It's so silent, so smooth, and we do like them lapbars (although I do like the ones on the S&S Swings better which feel pretty similar). It's indeed a very short coaster (47 seconds to be exact) but it's fun, and with a wait time of less than 5 minutes, no problem. It hangs you upside down a few times, and the heartline twist is really slow (if you're 'lucky') which makes you hang upside down for what seems to be forever. Nice airtime on the bunny hop, and the launch is cool too.


Anyway back to the entrance. When we got in we got on the slide first which made me look like I wet my pants (always a good start of the day) and second up was the first coaster: Twistrix, a really weird machine that I've never seen before. It has a train of 8 cars which twist and turn around randomly (it seems) and ride over a squarish track. It does the track two times for maximum spin (and waiting in the station for the train is pretty scary, cause you nearly DIE when you lean over the gate). We got a pretty good spin our first go, and the second wasn't too bad either (the man behind us screamed his lungs out, haha).


Did the powered minetrain, and after that the 'Kopermijn' which is basically a themed mouse with the sharp turns. It has a small indoor section which I thought was pretty neat, but I figured it was just for the photo-op. We got about 3/4 rides in on every coaster except for Twistrix (only one). We did more flats, regular ones like a Haunted House and what have you. The park is pretty cool and I was amazed by the X-Coaster (you don't expect that in a park like Drievliet).


I didn't take many pictures AT all, but I thought I'd share 'em anyway (just to put of my Midwest updates which I'm not looking forward to too much, selecting all the pictures, haha).


Hope you enjoy.


No POV, but just a video taken from the middle of the ride!




Into the heartline twist


From the launch into the half loop thingy, then over the bunny hop..


It drops you around the corner, straight into the launch (no waiting or whatever which I actually always like, but this was a nice unexpected surprise!)


And ready to go (yeah different group, wow, you noticed!).


Loading up the train/car was fast, awesome job from the ride ops (or just easy to strap in 6 people in these lovely lapbars).


Up next: Formule-X! (well actually we already had a ride on it ofcourse hehe)


Saskia spotted a nice little detail in this familypark.


The powered mineride, and the mouse-mine 'kopermijn'-ride in the back. This is the only picture I got from both rides, hehe. But you want to see the X-Coaster only anyway so yeah.


With Sas driving the car we had no problem getting through this ride. The steering didn't work anyway :( bummer.


It may not seem that way, but the track goes under the station, and the owls are actually pretty wide, spinning around when they race through. In the background a really weird powered car-ride (yes we got the credit) and the waterslides.


My camera nearly died taking this picture as I was holding it over the que-line-waiting-gates and the train flew by, hehe.


See? It's owls or something with random farm animals in the middle. Ah well... who cares, it was fun!


This is Twistrix, and I've never seen such a coaster. I thought it was fun, but you have to choose your partner carefully (I had a good one, hehe). Got some nice twists on this. I just don't get the theming.

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Nice TR.


My last visit to Drievliet already dates May last year, so did not ride the X-coaster yet. Although I want to ride it, I hate that type of lapbars. Last year on Abismo, they nearly crushed my ribs.


Twistrix is indeed a very weird but unique coaster. Although no thrills, I enjoyed Twistrix.

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Nice photos, looks like a great little park.


Those restraints on the X-Coaster look crazy, and they give a nice laid back kind of look to the trains.


Hey I'm thinking rockchick Saskia looks a bit like singer Pink.

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