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This was actually pretty cool. It had suprisingly decent G's, but chassis hits were more like "hey, where did the train go" hits.


I think if you spent some time on it, it would be a really cool little ride. Maybe made it a bit bigger (a powered launch, maybe?) and, of course, smoothed out the transitions (first drop = deaaath), it would be fun.

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That was horrible. It had an nice layout, but to make it even feasible it would to be at least twice as big.... It needs alot of work, and alot of track smoothing...


The turnaround at the end was grossly over banked, no more than 90 degrees would be ok, but 180 degrees?


The lifthill was way too fast, 12 mph? Just change it too 6 mph. and be done with it.


Out of a 10, I'd give it a 4 just because the layout was interesting.

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