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Coaster relocation history question.

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I searched for a similar thread and came up with nothing. I apologize if this is spam, already posted somewhere, or in the wrong board.


The recent news about Geauga Lake got me thinking. Was there ever a roller coaster that was relocated to a different park, but then relocated again back to it's original park? Just curious.


Note: Not counting carnival/fair coasters.

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There are many examples of a park removing a coaster, putting it in storage, then replacing it a few seasons later, but I really can't think of any coaster that was removed from one park only to resurface BACK at the original park after having been other places.



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^ The question is about coasters RETURNING to their ORIGINAL park/spot/etc. after moving to other parks. Your example of a coaster taking the place of an earlier identical coaster isn't exactly the same thing. And, eeerrmmm...nope. I can't think of any examples offhand.

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Well, SFFT sent SFNO Joker's Revenge aka Jester when SFNO opened, and now in 2007, SFNO is sending BTR to SFFT. So does a trade count? It's really the only thing I could think of.

Horrible trade for SFFT. I'd think SFNO would need to add in a 1st round draft pick to make it a bit more even.

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Seemd really unlikely.


Typically rides are relocated for reasons like park closures or removing an unpopular ride,etc.


The reasons a park would get rid of a ride, would probably prevent the park from wanting to get it back again.


Wouldn't make sense to rebuild some crappy ride that was demolished.

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Brean Leisure Park in Somerset, UK sold their Crazy Mouse spinning wild mouse coaster in 2004, then bought it back for the 2006 season. Now they've sold it again, but has been replaced by another spinning mouse coaster! No idea who had it in between though, or where it's gone now!

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