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Post a picture of your favorite weapon! (s)


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Umm, I'm trying something new. So, post a picture of you favorite weapon, or weapons. It can be a gun, sword, whatever. Yeah, I'm bored. Anyway:


The FN P90




The Mk 48 Mod 0 (MK 48 LMG)



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Probably my backyard airsoft collection...My favorite assault gun would probably have to be the MP5 (The airsoft mini that you see), the P99 pistoland the M590 shotgun. (Yea, so what if my collection consists of clear airsoft guns...they still fire and can pwn my bro/shoot straight.)


From left to right: M590, MP5, and P99

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^Dude, that looks awesome! I want one of those!


^^I think that looks way too small to be an MP5. I think it's an MP5K.


Anyway, I have a couple other ones.


The G11




I believe it was one of the first weapons made with caseless ammo, and it has a rate of fire of about 2,100 for its three round burst, but in full auto, it's only about 400 rpm. But it is still AWESOME looking.


The Metal Storm




It can fire 1,000,000 rounds in a minute. Yes, I said that correctly, 1 MILLION.

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I don't have a picture of it, but after reading of Masked_Maverick's death, it seems vehicles and drunk drivers are the most dangerous of all weapons. Even though he wasn't killed by a drunk driver, Ive known plenty who have. And sorry if it seems like I'm preaching to you but in a thread about weapons i had to include the most deadly one.

R.I.P. Daniel Miller

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