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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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Hi. New here

^^^^ Similiar looking track on Diamondback http://rcdb.com/m/4253.htm?p=22248

Found this interesting speculation from different forums that the tracks on site are actually indicating that the new coaster is not an invert or a flyer, judging by the fact that the ties connected to the spines for inverted or flying coasters are curved towards the spine, whereas non inverted are just straight except where the tracks connect.


All pics from rcdb.com


Manta. notice the curve


Raptor in CP.


Carowinds Intimidator.




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The only thing I'm bummed about is getting my prediction completely wrong lol


Judging by the scope of work, it's obvious that this is going to be something incredible regardless.


It's so cool to see CW getting some world-class attractions after years of mediocrity in their coaster lineup. I was losing hope when Paramount put lipstick on a carnival coaster and calling it Tomb Raider


To be fair, the flat ride lineup has been incredible so everything that they're doing is really adding balance and excitement.


This is getting really exciting. Thanks Hanno, looks like the trains could maybe make a difference? The Behemoth trains completely caught us off guard. Agree that a DIve, Invert or Flyer are most likely out of the running. I'm still clueless as to what this is going to be-- congrats CW on keeping it that way for all of us!

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Juding by the pictures on the previous site, it will be a wing rider. the flying coasters use the round style of track, while both Raptor and Dollywood's new coaster track use the straight ones.


A dive machine has a mix of both like griffon here:


I'm really ecited about this!

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Hey, I was looking at pictures of Krake on RCDB and I noticed the geometric track sections similar to what CW is getting.






I don't know if this is normal or not, but my guess is a Krake type DM. About the dual station thing, it could be a new thing to increase capacity.

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^I suppose its possible, but why would they add a B&M giga right after they built a B&M hyper? Unless the giga would be more about speed than airtime, the rides would just be too similar. Even then, I can't really see it happening.

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^To answer directly, why not? Giga just refers to the height of Intamin coasters that are 300' plus. B&M has built mega coasters under and over 200 ft. With them, height will be influenced by the overall design more than anything I'm guessing. If it is something over 300', I'm sure it'll have a twist that we know thing about yet.

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