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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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at yesturdays coasting for kids a Public relations person stated the ride announcement would be 4 weeks away cause we told the give the kids the world president to ask them if they could do a charity auction for first seats on it so she asked and came back and told us we'll know in 4 weeks.

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I think the video may be a bit misleading - it says B&M throughout, yet there is no confirmation about the manufacturer. It could be anything at this point.......Just sayin'!!


I'll hold tight for the announcement and then chime in my 2 cents then. Until then, let's enjoy the construction.

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I hadn't been paying attention to this park lately so had no clue! Hope it's cool!


No problem! I think it'll be cool and hopefully Bash worthy


^There were also lots of disclaimers that it was a fan video. At least that's what gives me hope as an Intamin fan boy lol Nothing confirmed officially in terms of announcement date or what this will be. Four weeks is the best info we have (thanks Cedarfair1!)

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^Exactly Jizzy...


As for Dragon Fyre, I remember back in the Paramount era, and we've all heard this about them removing DF and bringing in a B&M floorless...It would be good, but it seems like Wonderland has a lot of coasters with inversions...So would another one be worth it? I'm sure whatever it is, I'll still be happy to see.

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Gary Slade editor and publisher of amusement today " If I ride only one ride in 2012, THIS IS THE ONE!"

"Be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY"




group of footers heading into employee parking


unfinished footer


more unfinished footers


massive unfinished footer


this was pointing at the first picture of the 4 unfinished footers... Lift Hill?


Large crowd waiting to rush the south end of the park... and.....


No crowd waiting to rush the north end of the park where this new coaster is going.. AHAHA now you see why they are building over in medieval faire..


1 out of 4 cement trucks today


Lots of wood


crane with a large drill bit


weird first 2 sets of square rebar cages... they are done making round ones and now are making a ton of square ones...


topping footers off


drill bits


another group of footers


large mound of dirt they are forming into something...


teaser on site


animation on site PART 1


animation on site PART 2


animation on site PART 3


animation on site PART 4 Final

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With Behemoth built in 2008, it seems that Cedar Fair is really investing a lot of money into CW, which is good! I cannot wait to see what this project is! This might have stolen my number one spot for most anticipated ride next year!

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From Screamscape:


2012 - New Attraction / Raptor - Rumor - (7/29/11) It seems the big announcement for Canada’s Wonderland will take place on the morning of August 17th, as a new teaser site has been discovered hiding in the park’s website layout here. It simply shows off a cloudy nasty view of the sky, and a countdown clock for the “2012 Announcement” and a quote from Gary Slade saying that if he only rode one ride in 2012, “this is the one!” So it certainly sounds impressive… lets hope the announcement does not disappoint. Back on the rumor front… a reader did a bit of hacking into the website code and has pulled together some evidence to suggest that the new coaster may be named Raptor.
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Outside of Intimidator/i305, has Cedar Fair ever used the same or even similar names? I can't think of any off by hand. Windseeker I guess could count but I am referring more to coasters.

flight deck...

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Dominator was moved and the name never reused, unless I'm wrong.


But ya, those other ones are definitely accurate.


Well, for all I care the ride can be called Raptor/Turtle/hell even Coaster, as long as its a decent ride I'll be a happy camper and their on season pass preview night.

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