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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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From the latest drone videos on YouTube I'm seeing.... it might look like The Bat could be the next low capacity clone we're getting rid of next. They've cut open two new tunnels into the mountain the passed few weeks and reinforced a service tunnel which aligned perfectly with the newest hole by Thunder Run's exit. The other larger tunnel is under Vortex's lift hill and I'm guessing will be used for bringing in track and turning it into the station with que lines once everything is in place.


But I will never say no to those two leaving as well... I feel like a complete overhaul of that land is coming within a few more years.

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On 3/14/2024 at 8:24 AM, coasterbill said:

You know... while the demolition crew is in the area, maybe let's do something about all of this???

Call Prince Desmond.

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This past Thursday (May 9th), I made my first visit of the 2024 season to Canada's Wonderland!

A lot of changes have been made during the off-season with a new security checkpoint entrance at the front gate, the demolition of buildings in International Festival (for the next addition), renovation and renaming of Backlot Café, a renovated Wonderland Store, new signage around the park, the removal of Xtreme Skyflyer (announced earlier this year), and, Viking's Rage refurbishment, the removal of the maximum height requirement for most rides in Planet Snoopy and Kidzville (yes, I have now been on all of the roller coasters at Canada's Wonderland!), and a few other things mentioned below! Check out the photos below! :)



New security checkpoint at the front gate. This new layout with the path going under Leviathan has a much better flow than last year's setup! The new structures look great too!



New signage at the front gate area has been installed. It looks very clean and easy to read.



The Wonderland Store was renovated and expanded during the off-season.


New directional signage has been put up around the park.


The old Tiny Tom Donuts location in International Festival was demolished during the off-season.


The Multi-faith Space building and surrounding structures in International Street had also been demolished this past off-season.


Tiny Tom Donuts was relocated around Wonder Mountain where the Alpen Amusements claw machines were. During my visit, the donut making machines were being installed. I assume the new location will open soon.


The Coca-Cola Refreshment station in Action Zone was removed and replaced with this structure. I have a feeling it will be a new Coca-Cola refill station, but we shall see!


In the Grande World Exposition of 1890, Backlot Café has been transformed into the Grande World Eatery. The building has received a fresh new coat of paint and a major transformation going on inside. I look forward to seeing the final product when it reopens this season as it was quite dated last year.


Here is the former location of Xtreme Skyflyer, which was removed earlier this year. Judging by the signage, it looks this area could also be associated with the work happening around Wonder Mountain.


The building next to Klockwerks, which has stood abandoned for the past decade, is now being used as a Coca-Cola refresh centre was the other location in International Festival was recently demolished.


With the on-going construction in International Festival, the exit path for Thunder Run was rerouted with this nice boardwalk for this year. 


During the off-season Viking's Rage received a major overhaul consisting of a new electric drive system and a new coat of paint, closely resembling that of what it looked like when the park first opened! Hopefully it will be ready to reopen soon!


The old diving structure at Arthur's Baye in Medieval Faire was recently removed. It is said to be replaced with a new one sometime this year.


The lockers outside Wonder Mountain's Guardian have been removed. I later learned that the ride now has the moving bin system that Yukon Striker has! :)


Here is a quick look inside the newly renovated and expanded Wonderland Store. The new layout flows a lot better!

That is all the updates I have for now! 

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