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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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Does anyone know why Shockwave gets left in this position for the winter? I would have just assumed it would be left in the loading position during the off season.


In previous years Shockwave has been stored during the off-season lowered to the ground (in the loading position), with the gondolas wrapped in shrink wrap. It is possible that the maintenance crew is not done the process of preparing the rides for the off-season. It sure is interesting to say the least.

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By the way, Way To Go, in the new opening of the transit expansion in Toronto...all the way up to Vaughn now! Where CW is!


That should make it easier for locals (and us tourists) to get there, with a shuttle/bus connection from the subway station,

rather than the (1-3) buses I remember figuring out, last time I was there. I guess? Yes? No?


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Just because it doesn't help us that much going to wonderland doesn't mean it's a waste of money. The subway will connect to actual Downsciew Park, a York U connection, Black Creek Pioneer Villiage.... it helps a lot of people connect easier to existing cultural and economic utilities. Also where Vaughn Metro got built they are currently building an actual downtown which is better for the city as a whole.


To say it's as useless as the Sheppard Line is just an uneducated opinion. This is also connected directly to downtown Toronto which helps tens of thousands of people... eventually hundreds. It will also get people off the highways and other streets going into the city.

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That is exactly what they said about the Sheppard line. Bessarion station is the deepest and least used station on the entire TTC system. Black Creek station and Downsview station will be dead, the majority of the time. People who live in downtown Toronto are not going to take transit all the way to Vaughan, just to shop, or go to Black Creek Pioneer Village, or go to an empty military base. They really needed to extend it to Canada's Wonderland to make the line worthwhile. At least it would have been somewhat busy in the summer.


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York U alone will bring 1000s of people to the line every weekday.

Downsciew Park has massive festivals and farmers markets every weekend in the summer... not to mention urban explorers like me who will use the park just to explore a park that was not as accessible as it is now.

Vaughn Metro not only us getting a larger population, it's close to Ikea who happens to have a cult following and now directly connected to the subway. Somone like me who doesnt drive will appreciate it a lot.

Black Creek is a great spot during spring and fall for any school field trip.... they will definitely take advantage.

Unlike Sheppard, there is no transfer from downtown, it's the same route all the way up.

Not to mention people using the TTC parking lots for anyone who doesn't want to drive downtown and decided to take a subway instead

Give it a year and you will see how busy this gets.

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sure sure . .we'll talk about this in a year, but over 17 years later, the TTC is still waiting for the Sheppard line to get 'busy'. Time will tell. I just don't understand why they didn't put a station closer to Vaughn Mills and Wonderland. It just doesn't make sense. For people who don't have cars, fine it's great, but for as far as the people living in downtown Toronto, a quick 15 minute drive to Vaughan Mills would turn into a 1-2 hour trip by subway. Even the Go bus from Union station will be quicker to Canada's Wonderland.

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They should add a plaque at the dragon and boar, in his honour, that would be cool. R.I.P.



Yes, that would be a very nice gesture. Maybe it is something that could be suggested to the park for future consideration.

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Canada's Wonderland's Director of Communications, Grace Peacock posted a video to Twitter this morning showing off the site of where Lumberjack will be installed. If you look closely while watching the video, you can see that the concrete support structure for the ride's platform has been put in place. It won't be long now until Lumberjack's ride structure and components get put into place!

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Nice, thanks for sharing. I'm actually pretty pumped for this ride. I hope it's better than Soaring Timbers (which isn't terrible, but doesn't really do it for me).


You're welcome! From personal experience of riding other Zamperla Hawk models (both 24 and 48 models), I can tell you that these rides are very comfortable and provide smooth looping formations. The restraints are also snug so you won't experience the possible uncomfortable shifting which is experienced on some other rides that invert riders multiple times. If you're really into flat rides, then you'll more than likely enjoy Lumberjack.

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Bill Lishman, the man who created the Wild Boar and Dragon metal sculptures that sit in front of Wild Beast and Dragon Fire, respectively had passed away recently. May his memory live on as helping with the creation of entertaining pieces at Canada's Wonderland.


Just came across this, I quite enjoy it.


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Construction update on January 10, 2018


Skyrider's plot of land has land clearing on it, digger, and a new black construction fence. Land clearing near SkyHawk, and another construction trailer has popped up near Splash Works. New building going up behind Splash Works, and LumberJack construction can be seen.


This drone footage is shot off the property in a nearby local park.




large portion of the parking lot fenced off and construction trailer with two portapotties. The cars parked there were all being removed today.



new construction trailer


winterfest storage area finished, new splash works break room being built and bricks stored in the splash works area.


Lumberjack construction


black construction fence, digger, bulldozed land.













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The black fence seen around Wonderland is commonly referred to as "Silt Fence". Although it's usually not very effective, it's a requirement for construction projects in Ontario before any soil is disturbed to protect waterways and wildlife from sediment runoff. If you spot some, then an excavator is usually not far behind or in the area.


This is interesting, as there seems to be some kind of planned excavation between Vortex and Windseeker. Of course, it could be something simple, like a buried service line.

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