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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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[attachment=0]haunt prop1.jpg[/attachment]


CedarFair1, I am going to debunk that "mystery machine" with the cover on it. That was a Halloween Haunt prop. It is a very large cat with red eyes.


Sorry, yeah someone on CWMania had pointed that out too me over there. Sorry, I had never seen it in action and it is right next to where the new flat rides are going so I assumed it was a wood chipper.

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  • 2 weeks later...

ALL these pictures were taken from a DJI drone OFF of Wonderland property. I have zoomed them in and edited them to try and make the blur from zooming less of a blur but some are still blury.


Land clearing has occurred behind action theatre, Minebusters turnaround, and a construction trailer has been put in the old Skyrider area.


bulldozing/ tree removal behind Action Theatre


more budozing behind Minebuster and tree removal



construction trailer has been put in Skyriders area. (look at the pathway headed towards minebusters entrance)

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construction near the Skyrider plot/ Minebuster area where the signs that say "preparing for your future enjoyment" appeared and we saw signs of construction right near the end of the season.


weird fence appeared in the rumoured resort location.


Red Stakes on Jane streets side of the parking lot/ grass area.


cars being stored on south side of parking lot


weird fence appeared on North end of the parking lot where a rumoured resort is to be built.


red stakes have appeared alongside the Jane street side of the parking lot.


massive dirt pile beside Minebuster growing very large and a stake at the top of the dirt pile




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Looks like a Hotel location has appeared. A massive fence taking up about almost 20% of the parking lot has appeared with hard hat required signs being added today. Electrical work is occurring currently near this fenced off site in the employee lot and stakes have appeared for maybe a potential enter/ exit to the hotel parking lot. Again, this is all speculation but what else could this be used for.. The cars that rent out the parking space in winters have moved south in the lot as youll see in these pictures.


orange is the fenced off location, the stakes are on the old employee entrance and the digging is occurring in the orange in the employee lot. It's electrical and plumbing.


orange is the stakes, bulldozing/ digging for electrical and fenced off lot for potential hotel site. Yellow is markings in north side that resemble a possible parking garage format.


stakes at old employee entrance


stake in old unused employee parking lot


stakes following the old employee entrance road and sidewalk all the way into the lot.


more stakes in old lot


old employee lot stake


electrical/ plumbing work in old employee lot


20% of the parking lot fenced off now with construction signs and hard hat required signs with two portapotties added


hard hats required sign added today


fenced off area



cars moved to farthest south point of lot


weird formation of markings in south end of lot next to Behemoths helix





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Well, the parking lot already gets 99% full as it is, and they seem to be investing quite a bit into the park (ie hotel), so I suspect they're anticipating increased attendance in the coming years.


As far as the location, it may be due to the relative proximity to the parking lot entrance off Canada's Wonderland Dr.


Either way, this is all very exciting.

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Why build a parking garage there?

Think of it this way, you'll probably see an increase in the premium parking spots where they'll charge $40 for and then the hotel taking up the north side. So the less expensive parking can go in a parking garage in the farthest south part where people can walk from there to the park making a higiher demand for premium parking spots. If the premium outlet mall could afford to build a massive parking garage, wonderland can afford one easily lol

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Why is CW adding a hotel. It would just look out of place anywhere on CW property. Besides they don't need a hotel, there attendance is ridiculously high for one.


I can't tell if your're being sarcastic or not, if not here's the reasons why;


1. transforming wonderland into a resort is the current focus of Cedar Fair, as stated on conference calls and BNN interview.

2. Attracting families to stay the night that don't live within the close proximity of the park by offering combo deals and family desired rooms, again as stated in the BNN report.

3. large attendance numbers give apark that much more reason to invest, a business never will look at their numbers and be like kk thats good enough lets call it quits here and just stay stagnent. They are after the Boston/ Michigan market. Again as stated in the BNN interview.

4. Canada's Wonderland is a massive family park and families like to have cheaper vacation places and Canada's Wonderland is slowly becoming the disney land of Canada and much cheaper then losing 25% of your dollar crossing the border.

5. I could keep going but I'll stop as you should get the point now. Canada's Wonderland is mainly a family park, thus why we see a lot of family additions and investments and a coaster enthusiast may see it as valuable land being used for things other then a coaster but this is great for our park.


Look at what they're doing this off season;

1. fixing Wonder Mountains roof and support structure.

2. A thrilling Flat Ride, family flat ride and Splash works expansion (small expansion).

3. Upgrading the catering facility with beautiful Canadian themeing.

4. What looks like construction starting for a possible 2019 coaster.

5. A resort is being built for 2019/2020 as stated by Cedar Fair for Toronto and Carowinds.


This to me is super exciting and screams massive investments moving forward with a desire to turn Canada's Wonderland into a resort. Cedar Fair always speaks highly of our park and it's potential and they seem ready to unlock it's potential fully!

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I'm sure it won't look out of place, I mean there's no way it'll be less attractive then a bunch of parking lot space. And high attendance seems like a reason to build rather than a reason not to. There are a bunch of nearby hotels that people stay in largely to get two days at the park, and I bet CF has a good idea how many people that is. I'm thinking they've decided that they should make that money instead of the area hotels. I mean, you can already use the Wonderland website to book rooms at local hotels, why wouldn't the park want that action for themselves?


Besides, Toronto keeps getting more and more tourism every year, why not try to make Wonderland into more of a destination?

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Why is CW adding a hotel. It would just look out of place anywhere on CW property. Besides they don't need a hotel, there attendance is ridiculously high for one.

A hotel there will bring in a lot of revenue for the park and look better than a parking lot, even though it might take a few years to break even. A Canadian themed hotel, though unlikely, would look amazing, and I'd probably stay at it if I had the money.

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Besides, Toronto keeps getting more and more tourism every year, why not try to make Wonderland into more of a destination?


As if it isn't already enough of a destination.



A hotel there will bring in a lot of revenue for the park


As if they don't have enough revenue.



and look better than a parking lot


for you

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Why is CW adding a hotel. It would just look out of place anywhere on CW property. Besides they don't need a hotel, there attendance is ridiculously high for one.


The reason as to why Canada's Wonderland would add a hotel, just like any other amusement park that has done so over the years, is to allow people to stay longer, which ultimately equates to more money being spent at the park. If there's a demand in the market for onsite accommodations, it only makes sense for the park to go for it, regardless of the fact that they are the most visited seasonal amusement park in North America.

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If there was a hotel, as part of the park's landscape, I would probably book a room for a few nights,

so I can take in the park for a couple of days. That's just me, but after tours with TPR and the

a-ma-zing convenience of on-site hotels....why not? Save up, pay in advance, and you're good to go!


And if they also offered a free shuttle service from Pearson Airport to CW (Vaughan)? That would be an awesome perk.

Or, even if we had to pay extra for it, it would still be excellent, compared to a taxi, or getting there with public transit

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I find it interesting that they're, from the looks of it, building the hotel next to Leviathan. I would think having a view of the lake and Behemoth on one side and a parking lot on the other side would be more visually pleasing than seeing mostly parking lot and roads.

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What if just East of there is a indoor water park AND you are surrounded by two coasters. To the North could be an expanded theme park while the south side parking lot is where everything happens. You have a straight drive from major Mackenzie, your own parking lot and direct access to the park before it even opens. Sounds better than an over extending lake and bot as easily access.

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As if it isn't already enough of a destination


As if they don't have enough revenue


You either have deadpan sarcasm downpat (which is impressive if you do!) or you are being a little bit "limited" in what you want or expect from CW and Cedar Fair. If I am reading you right...they make enough money, and have enough visitors...so they don't need to do anything that might be considered an improvement, and also because you can't put a hotel in a car park!.........ermmmmmmm Ok!! I'm glad Disney didn't get that memo!

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Last drone update of till spring as below freezing temperatures move in;


Skyrider's old plot of land has had minimal action and probably won't see anything till March/ April. They removed a bit of fencing on Windseekers side where the stakes are. There's a construction trailer there and the wood fence has been removed with stakes/ markers and that's about it so far.


Old catering facility buildings moved to the boneyard behind Minebuster's turnaround for what's being said to be WinterFest storage.

The catering facility is being upgraded to beautiful Canadian themed buildings with dark wood.


Splash Works is getting a mini makeover in the kids section and digging out of the new splash area/ kiddie pool will begin soon by the looks of it.


You can see over by Vortex ultra zoomed in the concrete pad where the new flat ride "LumberJack" will sit. Land clearing and bright white cement can be seen over there.


cement pad/ land clearing for LumberJack


look closely and you'll see the fence with the red markers on it has been removed on Windseekers side near Vortex's track


old catering buildings being used for WinterFest storage



Splash Works upgrade to kiddie area

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Thanks for the update CedarFair1! It's hard to spot some of the details, but my squinting game is pretty up to snuff.


It's funny, I'm almost as excited for the next couple of years of following construction updates as I am for all the final products.

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