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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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They are missing out on a Meet the Mountie greeting area and a water slide called Niagara Falls.


errr... uhhh... (taken at Wonderland, lol) -- so ridiculous. also: we watched the the Cirque Canadien show, it was absolutely hilarious. The stereotypes, just, wow... hockey players making music with their sticks? Check. Raccoons doing sketch comedy? Check. Lumberjacks doing flips? Check.



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Didn't care much for Soaring Timbers. Good family ride though!


As for Lumberjack, it's similar to Kennywood's Aero 360 which fantastic. One of my favorite flat rides.


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CW sure does have quite the flat collection!


This one has always intrigued me however


I wouldn't hate it if some other park somewhere got another one of these (HUSS still sells them but they stopped selling the very popular breakdance 1, 2 and 3???) and that'd be a less prototypey version, possibly have the ability to be a bit more intense and obviously more reliable. Because it really is a fantastic asset to have in visual value and impact.

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^^Sledgehammer was a VERY popular ride when I was at the park in 2014. I had heard so much about it, etc. It felt a little over-hyped once I rode it. Perhaps it would be better with the seats facing outwards? Don't get me wrong, fun ride, just wasn't blown away with it. I would take that massive Orbiter (HUSS Skylab) over it any day. Kings Island used to have one of those...

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They are missing out on a Meet the Mountie greeting area and a water slide called Niagara Falls


I have a sneaking suspicion that they will build a slide that uses maple syrup instead of water and then call it Niagara falls.


Nice couple of additions for 2018. You will never please everyone. I have always said that I trust Cedar Fair in how they run this park, and I think some people tend to forget the last days of Paramount and how "little" was added to the park in that time. If you list all the additions since Cedar Fair took over (including Behemoth, Leviathan and WMG) it isn't a short list.

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Looks like KingsWood Theatre is biting the dust to make room for the new indoor water park/ resort. The theatre is usually home to a halloween haunt maze, but that maze has been discontinued this year and nothing to replace it. Also the theatre can be seen being torn apart along with a new entrance to the park being built beside it with two entrance booths that have appeared with wiring. I'm assuming with no knowledge that the hotel may go where Kings Wood Theatre is with that near by entrance to the park for hotel guests. Now the parking lot near this site has new construction markers all over it that cover such a large area and this could be for a parking garage as our parking lot this summer has reached beyond max capacity on most weekends and if this hotel is going here like rumoured it will eat up some spots as well.


Attached below are the pictures showing how full our parking lot gets with cars parked on the grass this season (never seen this before) and the new construction markers on a large portion of the parking lot near to the rumoured resort site.




I've never seen the parking lot this full!


Canada's Wonderland is having an amazing season!


Parking Garage is going to be needed soon :0


new markings appeared in the parking lot, all located near kings wood and seem to be blocking in a large portion of the lot.



mass amount of markings headed toward front gate




Looks like some demolition in Kings Wood with no signs of Haunt. This theatre hasn't been used this year to my knowledge neither except for a christian rock band concert.




new entrance with two new booths added which look like front gate pass/ ticket scanners coming.



The new entrance located next to the rumoured future site of the resort

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About your post with the new parking lot markings. I have no idea what that is. Also you said their building a new entrance with scanners? Actually the "new" Kingswood Theatre entrance was built last off season. Also yes there is scanners at that newly redone entrance. I know in fact it was built off season because I had a wind orchestra concert in the theatre in May this year. They're in the midst of refurbishing the seats because when we were there they had crew cleaning and re putting the new seats in. They usually also every season replace or put away the black curtains/plastic raps so they don't get damaged in the colder months. Also by this time this year they usually start taking out the seats in the amphitheatre.

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That "opening in the fence" has always been there, however it used to be an exit for when they used to have concert nights.

It looks like they are refurbishing Kingswood, not removing it. That's why the new sign says Kingswood events entrance.

They will need a separate entrance for hotel guests who are not actually going in the park.

If there is a separate entrance now and replacing the seats, perhaps we will be getting concerts again next year.

That would be amazing!

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Has anyone else not been receiving e-newsletters from the park despite signing up on the website? Last night I wondered when they will announce the ability to renew season passes, which usually means the announcement of next year's additions, so I went on the website. Turns out both were already announced - and now by looking back in this thread, they were announced a while ago - yet I haven't heard a peep from the park in my inbox in months.

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2017 Haunt looks like its shaping out to be pretty awesome!


The 2017 Haunt looks awesome with:

Code Red

Club Blood


SciFi House


Spirit Manor


Blackout NEW

Forest of Fear NEW

The Plague

Bloody Buccanneers NEW

Trick or Treat

Ghostly Pines



Which means no more Louisiana Scream and Streets of The Undead. Apparently Forest of Fear is replacing streets of the undead in Kingswood area while Blackout replaces Louisiana Scream in the Mountain.

Besides those three new attractions, I have also heard rumours of a Code Red retheme also which will be cool.

All together it looks like Haunt will be awesome this year! What do we think?

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^^ Interesting. Playland(PNE) has just announced their Fright Night, with a "brand new haunt house"...


Don’t come alone


It’s our favourite time of fear. Experience the freaky, terrifying and much less cheerful doppelganger of Playland, Fright Nights, select nights October 6 through 31.


Now featuring 8 haunted houses (including our additional, new house: The Bloodshed), 20 rides

(5 more than last year), and live performances.


Bring your friends to protect you, and a change of pants… just in case.


Huh. Seems to be a popular use of a word, thanks Mystic Timbers.



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So with the crazy heat we're expecting tomorrow, any thoughts on how full the park should be?


I have a very strong feeling that Canada's Wonderland will be very busy tomorrow due to the fact that it is the second weekend for the Oktoberfest event and the temperatures are well above seasonal.

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What up!? My friends Dan, Peter, and I hit up Canada’s Wonderland over the weekend and it was a super fun time! It our first time at the park and man did the park deliver! We arrived at the front gate right around 9:45 and saw Leviathan testing with water dummies. It was pretty cold and windy out but man, that thing was still flying over the tops of the hills. We had bought fast lanes online but were told we could only use them either during the day or during Haunt. For those of you who don’t know, Canada’s Wonderland actually closes the park at 5 and reopens at 7 for their haunt event. We figured the park would be much more crowded for Haunt then during the day so we saved our fast lanes for later.


We made our way inside the park and lined up for the rope drop. First we took a ride on Wonder Mountain's Guardian Galaxy Zombie Shooter since that line moves pretty slow. We made it inside the mountain and after just a few trains were sent, the ride broke down. Sweet! Our day was already off to a good start.  It turns out a screen on the ride had stopped working so a maintenance worker quickly ran through the mountain to fix it. After a short delay, the ride was operational again with all screens working. We should have bought him some Tim Hortons because he practically ran into the mountain to fix the screen. Moving on, the ride itself was pretty mediocre and isn’t nearly as good as the Justice League Clones. That surprise


Next up, we took a ride on the park's powered coaster, Thunder Run! We waited about 15 minutes and hopped on in the best seats we could, The middle of the train! The ejector airtime was out of this world! Jk, this ride has no airtime to speak of but it was definitely more enjoyable than I was anticipating. Spiraling around through Toronto’s only mountain was surprisingly fun, at least I thought so.


After our lovely ride on the powered coaster, it was time for The Bat. The line looked pretty long so we all hopped into the single rider line and were on the ride within 2 or 3 cycles. We rode The Bat purely for the credit because my buddy Dan wanted the next ride to be his 300th coaster credit, Leviathan! 


But before Dan was allowed his 300th credit, we desperately need to drain our bladders. We asked a worker where the closest bathroom was and were told it was by the games stand with the giant gorillas. But we could not find any giant gorillas so we asked a second worker. This employee told us it was by the games stand with the giant Pokemon. This was the hint we needed. #problemsolved So if you’re trying to find the bathroom by Leviathan, whip out Pokemon Go and you should be able to find it really quick!!


We finally made our way in line for Leviathan where the q-line was about half full. We figured it would only take 20 minutes max since it was a high capacity B&M but we encountered a hefty amount of double stacking and the line took a little over 30 minutes instead. The crew here definitely was not as fast as the Fury 325 crew. There were probably 6 to 8 employees up on the platform but they still managed to double stack almost every cycle. Having run El Toro for years and being a throughput addict, it had me shaking my head. Anyways, the ride itself reminded me a lot Fury 325. The drop was amazing and I really loved the speed hill after the first overbank and the massive camelback had some killer airtime! I definitely prefer Fury but Leviathan is a top-notch ride as well! It’s easily the best ride in Canada!


Next, we made our way over to Dragon Mountain and took a spin in the last car of the train. Fun Fact, this is the only Arrow looper with corkscrews that flip counter clockwise rather than clockwise. Overall, I've been on better Arrow loopers but nerding out about the corkscrews was fun.


After Dragon Mountain, we made our way over to Wild Beast and were prepared for PAIN. Our friend Logan who had ridden it years ago gave the ride a 0/10 because it was too rough. Keep in mind that Logan oddly loved Son of Beast and said it wasn't rough at all. So, we were a little nervous going in but it honestly wasn't bad. The only sections I found rough was the turnaround near the station and the last turnaround. It's not as good as its companion Grizzly at Kings Dominion but it wasn't bad. Had a few good pops of airtime and the first turnaround is just as slow as Grizzly’s.


Next up was Vortex where we encountered a full q-line. Now is it just me or are the q-lines at Canada's Wonderland really small? Like compared to the massive seas of switchbacks at Kings Island or Cedar Point, most of the q-lines at Canada's Wonderland are tiny. This was very odd to me considering Canada's Wonderland see's more visitors a year than Kings Island or Cedar Point. Even with the q-line being full, it was only a 20 minute wait thanks to its size and good dispatch times. The ride itself was awesome and packed a punch! Even though its layout is identical to The Bat at Kings Island, I liked Vortex a lot more.


After riding most of the credits on the right side of the park, we made our way over to the left side of the park and started with the Mighty Canadian Mine Buster. We rode in the back car and overall, the ride was pretty decent. It didn’t have a lot of airtime but there were a few pops. We all loved the ending helix and thought the ride was pretty smooth!


Now it was time for Behemoth. The first switchback was filled but the line was moving decently quick here. The crew wasn’t double stacking like they were at Leviathan. We took a ride in car 8 and I think I have a new favorite B&M hyper! Diamondback was previously my favorite B&M hyper but I had always found the section after the MCBR much weaker than the first half. Well with Behemoth, I loved the section after the MCBR! The helix coming off the MCBR actually had some nice positive G’s towards the bottom and the airtime hills following were superb!


After Behemoth, we took a look at Backlot’s line and it was nearly a full q-line, so we decided we would ride later during Haunt with our fast lanes. We still needed to ride the best two rides in the park, Flight Deck and Time Warp. We decided to start with the better of the two, Time Warp. I just don’t understand why a major park that sees 3.7 million visitors a year has this ride. Does anyone know more? It’s pretty funny seeing it here. After a pretty shitty ride on Time Warp, we took a spin on Flight Deck to polish off our day time rides. We all know what’s good with SLC’s, moving on.


By now it was about 4:30 and we hadn’t eaten yet. We had a bunch of food and beers waiting for us in the car so we figured we should hit the parking lot early and be ready for the park to reopen at 7. On the way out, we decided to grab our Fast Lanes where the worker told us we could have used our fast lanes all day. We were so confused because each one of us had called the park prior to our visit to ask what the deal was with Fast Lane and each time, we were told we could only use Fast Lane either during the day or haunt, but not both. We were slightly bummed but the beers we drank in the parking lot changed that.


Peter and Dan went straight to the car to start drinking but I strolled around Leviathan until the park closed capturing some off-ride footage. I have the video linked below.



After filming, I joined them in the car where we chugged down several craft beers and ate some cheap food. We drank beer after beer until 6:30 and by then, we were really feeling ourselves. We stumbled over to the front gate and made our way inside. Earlier in the day, our group had focus! We knew what order we wanted to ride the rides in and were very strategic. But now that we were drunk, things were different. We did accomplish some of our goals though. We started off with The Fly because we were missing the Wonderland wild mouse credit. After this, my memory of things is pretty clouded. I know we rode Backlot at some point. In fact, Dan and Peter completely forgot we rode it. I know we rode Behemoth right after Backlot and going up the lift hill, Peter turned to me and asked if we had ridden Backlot. I kid you not, we had just ridden Backlot 5 minutes before he asked me and it was hysterical. Being drunk, we were having a Behemoth fever and rode about 5 or 6 times in a row. We also took about 3 more rides on Vortex and another 5 on Leviathan. Surprisingly the park was not crowded at all and was actually more crowded during the daytime. If we weren’t drunk, we probably would have been mad that we hadn’t used our Fast Lanes earlier, but we didn’t really care.


At some point, me and Peter went to do a few terror trails while Dan continued riding Leviathan. We made our way back over to Cornstalkers to find a pretty long line. We were still pretty buzzed and started trolling all the workers and scare actors. We asked several workers what the park WiFi password was (Wonderland has free WiFi), where we could buy some corn, and asking where the Tim Hortons was. At the end of the trail, we passed the entrance attendant and jokingly complained that we never found the Tim Hortons we were told was on the trial. We made that attendant laugh so hard, fun times. Next we continued trolling over at the Sci-Fi House under Leviathan.


After our trolling session, we took several more rides on Leviathan. Around 11:30, we were in line for the front row and a train got stopped at the bottom of the lift hill. I’m not sure if it was a mechanical delay or if the train was lift stopped due to a rider with a phone. The operators were acting as if the ride had gone down mechanically but security showed up as well. The train was restarted and security talked to one of the rider’s on that train afterwards. Anyway, my friend Dan dropped his water bottle as we were boarding the train and it fell below the station track but on top of some metal. The attendants were nice enough to get an extremely long picker and were able to get Dan’s water bottle out for him. This was the first of many nice things that would happen to us. After our amazing ride in the front row, we ran down the exit to try and get in line one last time. It was around 11:55 at this point. However, we found the entrance had already been closed and we talked briefly with the entrance attendant. He felt bad since we had come from New Jersey and to our luck, a supervisor came down and said we could go up the exit and get on the last train of the night! He saw us waiting during the brief delay the ride had earlier and said it was fine. Before we went up the exit, he also asked if we had ridden Zombies 4D yet. Zombies 4D is the Haunt edition of Wonder Mountain’s Guardians. We told him we had ridden Wonder Mountain Guardian’s earlier in the day but not the Zombies version of it. Next thing you know, he called the ride and asked if they were still cycling trains. He hung up the phone and said we were good to go up the exit of Zombies after Leviathan! We were astonished at how nice he was! It was like VIP treatment! I forgot to get his name but I just want to give a shout out to that supervisor! Seriously an awesome dude! Having worked at Great Adventure for years and having been to several other parks in the United States, no employees usually care if you walk up to a closed ride at the end of the night. They are typically happy to turn you away but not at Canada’s Wonderland!


We went up Leviathan’s exit and got on the last train of the night in the back row! Next we booked it over to Zombies 4D, ran up the exit, and also got on the last train of the night! The Zombies version is much better than the normal version played on Wonder Mountain’s Guardian.


That concluded our night and we began heading out of the park. At this point, I realized in our drunken madness that we had forgotten to ride basically all the flats we had wanted to before. Luckily, we had rode SkyHawk at some point during the night and it was seriously fun. The cycle was a little short but flipping in the air was awesome! I got 11 flips in a row!


Overall, we had an amazing day at Canada’s Wonderland and I seriously cannot thank that supervisor enough! That was some of the best hospitality I have ever gotten at a park! We will definitely be returning to Canada’s Wonderland as often as we can! (Especially since we missed almost all of the amazing flat rides the park has to offer.)

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