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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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Does anybody know yet where in the park these additions are going to be located? That Skyhawk sure does look fun!


Skyhawk is loacated next to slingshot and across from windseeker next to the mountain on the hill. I circled the area in red. The flying eagles has the kids area in the background so in the kids area.


skyhawks location

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Vaughan, ON (August 20, 2015) – Canada’s Wonderland is taking guests to new heights for 2016 with the addition of two new rides that will capture the imagination of both families, and thrill-seekers, as they take flight in an interactive flying experience.


Skyhawk, the first ride of its kind in North America, will take riders to a new level of adventure when the park opens for its 35th season in 2016. Riders will take control of their own cockpit, showcasing their flying abilities as they maneuver through 360 degree turns, and challenge themselves to engage in multiple inversions at 135 feet (41m) in the air.


Flying Eagles will thrill little pilots and quickly become a family favourite for parents and children alike. These two-person planes will glide 28 feet (8.5m) above the ground and allow each rider to control their flight and ride experience.


“We are always looking to enhance the guest experience with new and exciting attractions. With the introduction of Skyhawk and Flying Eagles, thrill-seekers of all ages will enjoy the flying sensation on these interactive rides that are truly unique to our Park.” Norm Pirtovshek, General Manager, Canada’s Wonderland.


To coincide with the new ride announcement, Canada’s Wonderland will simultaneously launch a limited time offer on 2016 Season Passes that are priced at only $67.99. Each pass will include a free visit for new Passholders or a free Fast Lane PLUS for renewing Passholders – both valid for the remainder of the 2015 season.





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I don't know much about these rides, is Skyhawk basically a Zamperla Air Race meets WindSeeker?


Reminds me of a updated version of the old Sky Pilot rides that were located at Kings Island and Kings Dominion.

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If I hear weeeees coming out of Robb Alvey then I know this is going to be a great ride, especially with the added height and being on top of a hill!


Location confirmed across from Windseeker next to Slingshot!


located on the hill across from Windseeker and beside Slingshot.

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