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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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^^^ If Six Flags can have 12 Batmans, I'm sure one more Rougarou won't hurt.


Unlike Six Flags, Cedar Fair doesn't use the same name twice for existing coasters. More than likely they could reuse the Mantis name since it's no longer being used.


But didn't they re-use Woodstock Express, Vortex, Demon and Flight Deck quite a few times? Just saying.


Anyways, I think they might have another mythical beast name for whatever will be taking SkyRider's place. I think it might be called Ziz, since they already have Behemoth and Leviathan in the park (and that would complete the trio).

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Well, Paramount is the one that called 5 of their drop towers "Drop Zone" and 4 of their coasters "Top Gun".


So, it's not entirely Cedar Fair's "fault".


Seriously, we all know Six Flags re-uses names a lot more than Cedar Fair.

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Goliath, Batman The Ride, Boomerang, bizzaro, many superman rides, its all because they're taking advantage of dc heroes permissions, cedar fair owns barely any franchise other than snoopy , and snoopy isn't very menacing, hopefully the name will be unique and not ziz, there are alternate names for ziz, such as Renanin, sewki, The seer, son of the nest. Maybe one of those names will be used

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Several people have reported that there are sometimes sync problems with WMG when the train gets stopped at a block. Just for anyone curious for what exactly happens, I found this video on YouTube showing the sync delay just before the final scene (and for those still not wanting to know what the finale is) stop the video right after!



It's hard to see but you'll find it eventually!


I have had this happen to me. The finale scene had started before the train had entered the area.

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Busy fall day at the park today! Wilde Beast and Vortex's queues were right out on to the pathways. Not what I am used to at this time of year, but the perfect weather brought the crowds. Season Pass processing was quite busy as well, so it would appear plenty of people are taking advantage of the 2015 offers. I stayed for 2.5 hours, but given how busy it was, I will come back in a few weeks when the weather turns and the crowds disappear (I hope).

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