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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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That definitelt adds a new dimension over rides like Black Diamond and Blazing Fury! It will be very interesting to see how this turns out.


I thought of another ride though...Veil of Darkness. It kind of falls into this category right?

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^No. Because Japan > Canada in everything.



I did ask the park on twitter and they said it is a "4D dark ride that travels on 1000 feet of coaster track." So not sure how much that is worth lol

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^ I find it amazing, when I see that lift hill, and know that one of those


motion based, video game guns, ride vehicle (from a previous video)

... will be on that hill.


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We've got our season's passes ready to go for sneak peak night next Friday! Can't wait to check it out, hopefully it will be cold enough that it won't be insanely busy!


SPPN's are never busy...especially if its cold. In 2012 when Leviathan opened, I got 10 laps in an hour on the ride.....and frost bite by the end!

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Does anyone know if the waterslide parts are for splash works?.. Or will they be moved?


There was a big pile of dirt in Splashworks close to where the speed slides used to be. I'll try to get a picture up shortly.

Sounds great. Hoping if there's a splash works renovation, we get an aqualoop, or some other form of drop slide to go with the proslide tantrums.

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We are set to get slides from the former Ontario Place.


I will be at the park tomorrow for the first of 3 bank days. I'll be checking out the following:


WMG update (hoping it's open based of comments they've said on FB but we shall see)

Seatbelt situation on Behemoth and Leviathan (Diamondback got seatbelt so I am curious)

Waterpark update


I'll keep everyone posted of anything major.

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I was talking to Lance and he has a pretty good theory (or at least one that I agree with)....Diamondback is the "test" coaster to see how the belts impact the roller coaster. Based on the results, in 2015, seatbelts may be added to the other B&M's. He also brought up a good point that when Cedar Fair bought the Paramount parks, the first thing they did was put seat belts on the mine trains and arrow loopers....

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This may not be popular, but i have always been a little uncomfortable with just the t bars in the big b&ms such as leviathan and behemoth.


I need to remind myself that if it weren't safe with some kind of internal redundancy they wouldn't be in service, but i can't help but think "if this thing opens up i'm screwed".


Wether it is rational or not, on the older style trains like arrow, it feels like you would have something to hold on to to brace yourself in if something let go. The handgrips are part of the t bar, so if it lifted up i would have nothing to hold on to. Add to that the really high lift hill (not so much a fear of heights, but i don't love them), and the airtime hills, i am a bit on edge.


I guess part of the excitement of the trains is the open seating, and the unencumbered restraints, but i still need to get comfortable with the idea, and spend my time in the station and lift hill reminding myself... nobody has fallen off yet, odds are i won't be the first.


I had a conversation about this with someone in the line for leviathan and she said " if it does let go your death would be pretty spectacular and quick"

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