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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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The snow on Wonder Mountain almost looks too perfect to be natural. Reminds me of the Matterhorn. Should Wonderland consider adding fake snow to the mountain? It looks great with the real stuff!

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I honestly hope Kings Island gets one of these in the next couple years...


Just throwing out there that they have a giant metal box that was recently vacated that could house such a ride...


Count me as one of the people who wants to see this succeed and spread to other parks in the chain.

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^^It would definitely be a tighter fit and a smaller/shorter ride than at CW, but it could work. The amount of land it takes up is definitely smaller than that of Wonder Mountain, but the latter has narrower walls as it gets closer to the top and already has Thunder Run that Guardian has to be built around. If the Crypt's building were retrofitted with multiple floors as CW is apparently doing, I could see something to this effect working in there. It certainly would have to be compact, but I think it could be done.

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^Do you really think The Crypt's former enclosure would be enough space-wise to host a dark ride?


If they impose an elevator lift and utilize multiple floors (a la transformers) I think they could pull it off in the Crypt Building. Likewise I think they could pull of this ride inside Volcano: The Blast Coaster because there seems to be room inside the mountain in this video (granted some structural mods/reinforcement may be needed).


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Going to Canada in a few days. I should have some pics and some interesting stuff. Hitting mainly Edmonton. I will most likely do a little update.

Cant Wait!

You do realize that Toronto is on the other side of the country from Edmonton, right?


Canada isn't that big! Is it?


He'll actually be closer to Toronto before he even leaves Utah.

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