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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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This ride sounds really cool!! I can't wait to see what they do with the ability to change stuff out.


BGW did this with DarKastle after its first season of operation; they can upload new scenes directly from developers and reporgram accordingly.

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^They changed a couple of scenes after the first season, but haven't made any big changes since.


We now return you to Canada's Wonderland.

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Since the park is denying us our right to see what progress has been made on Wonder Mountain's Guardian , here is all the information we know about the ride including renderings:


- the ride will cost approximately $10 million

- 4D interactive dark ride with the core thrill being heavily based on graphics

- uses 3D projection (riders will wear 3D glasses)

- uses wind, movement and other special effects to add the 4th dimension

- riders will board inside of the mountain near ground level

- the ride will exit the mountain and climb the lift on the mountain exterior

- at the 60' level the ride will plunge back into the mountain

- there will be 5 levels including a draconian city, and underground lake, a desolate forest, and an unmentioned level

- the story is supposed to end with a twist

- the main character/monster is herman the dragon from thunder run

- there will be multiple drops throughout the ride

- 1000 feet of coaster track

- the ride is gravity-driven

- longest interactive wall in the world

- highly sensitive targeting guns that will "interact" with the environment

- content of the ride can be easily changed to vary the experience

- there will be 5 trains, each with 8 riders

- approximately 640 pph

- the engineering department at Wonderland is currently working on designing the track

- the experience changes every year. For 2014, the game is called "Guardian: Quest for Gold". At Haunt time, the ride will be themed to zombies

- the ride system will be manufactured by triotech.

- you'll be able to buy your photo at the end of the ride

- instead of a laser dot to show the difference of who shoots, guests can pick from a handful of avatars like smileys and skulls

- if the ride is a success, more dark rides will show up in Cedar Fair parks

- supposed to be open by may 2014


Construction photos by asimowalk are on page 508





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I wish the park would share some construction photos of the ride, seems very odd they are so hush hush about it. It's not like Leviathan / Behemoth where construction could be seen from outside the park, where as Guardian is out of sight from outside the park.

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Since the park is denying us our right to see what progress has been made on Wonder Mountain's Guardian

What right? They don't have to show anything. We could go back to before the internet and just get an announcement telling us whats new for next season. Then seeing it for the first time the next season w/o any updates.

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Am I the only one who thinks they're doing an overhaul to Thunder Run, and adding the guns to each car? It's just this weird feeling I have had since they announced it...

No. The park has stated many times that Thunder Run is staying. There have been holes punched into the mountain to add the ride. Construction pictures are on 508.

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Construction update has been posted on Canada's Wonderland's Facebook page. Lots of foundation and mountain work being done along with track, brakes and lots of drive wheels/motors. Two of the captions describe items in this delivery arrived from Germany.









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