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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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Does anyone know if there is any flooding at the park?

I was at the park today and didn't notice any major flooding. There was however some pooling of water in Wild Beast's infield and underneath Minebuster's station. Other than that, I didn't notice anything significant.



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Something is going on in the mountain, as a big chunk near the top is ripped open and they seem to be patching up around it with some markers on the outside.


markers on ground and mountain wall


mountain work


old fencing and tree clearing going on behind white water canyon as well


weird stumps near white water canyon appear to be hiding stuff

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the white water canyon area didn't have significant clearing just looked like they cleared some stuff for maybe surveying. could be a 2015, 2016 , 2017 project as you know these things are planned years in advance. A haunt maze wont go back there as it leads to the water flow for white water canyon and out towards the highway. plus all the mazes are pretty much done exterior wise.

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plus all the mazes are pretty much done exterior wise.


No....all (or at least most) of the mazes still have their exteriors under construction...


Also, I've spotted those blue survey markers in the WindSeeker and Skyrider areas and they all seem to marking water/hydro/electric access points.

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More holes are appearing in the mountain under Vortex and some new blue and red markers in and around Vortex. Some you can tell are new from how clean the paint looks. I took a picture of the haunt maze running through the woods and its exterior is up and on the opposite side. Some of the markers are so far out you can't see them on an Iphone






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I think I may have found a 2014 picture (looks like its still being worked on).


I found it in the css coding. This is how the fact that Banshee would be the longest invert in the world was leaked on KI Central. I thought it would be worth giving a try for Wonderland and it worked!




Under the "global" heading, there are 4 picture links


body.internal{ background: #1542a0 url(/images/structure/bg-body-internal.jpg) no-repeat top center; }

body.dino1{ background: #000 url(/images/structure/bg-body-dino1.jpg) no-repeat top center; }

body.dino2{ background: #000 url(/images/structure/bg-body-dino2.jpg) no-repeat top center; }

body.dino3{ background: #000 url(/images/structure/bg-body-dino3.jpg) no-repeat top center; }

body.mountain{ background: #000 url(/images/structure/bg-body-mountain.jpg) no-repeat top center; }


Add the bolded part to the Wonderland's homepage url.




This is the mountain picture.


And just an FYI, after looking through some archives of the css page, I'm, 99% sure that the mountain picture is for 2014 as that image didn't exist in June.


(UPDATE: The park has removed the image, but I archived it last night, to see the picture, click the link above This pretty much confirms that the picture is for 2014 and that the ride will likely be a dark ride!)

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I remember hearing rumours when Paramount still owned the park that the Addams Family ride was being considered for inside the mountain. So, I guess the idea has been there for awhile.


If it is true, it should make for an interesting place for a ride. I was in there once when I worked at the park; there was a cube van parked in there and it was mostly used for storage.

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I am so excited. If this is indeed a dark ride, or some variation of one, I will be super happy. I've been hoping for a new dark ride and would be honored if it was in my home park.


I will be there for the announcement on Friday next week bright and early.

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I just checked out the Haunt site myself. I'm not reading much into the dive coaster. The same image appears on other Haunt sites (at least on the Carowinds one, too lazy to check the others, but you get the point).


In other news, The Ruins and Louisiana Scream are new Haunt mazes located in Wonder Mountain. I'm curious to see where they're accessed from, and whether the holes they've been cutting are being made for these mazes or are just for the new ride.

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A solid dark ride that differs from the plethora of shooter/ interactive stuff out there by not having any of that stuff would be a breath of fresh air....just taking us on an awesome ride without having to do any work


Really looking forward to seeing what this is going to be. I'm sure that it's going to be a great addition.

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